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Jethro Francis Thomas

Many apologies. I thought I finished and posted this. Yes another day. But, I had something unexpected go wrong personally, so the fall out from that kicked me in the arse. I promise I will I never expected Jethro to be so sweet. Seriously sweet. I guess it makes sense he would be the other half of Elena because she sees herself so differently. She needed a man who knew just how to romance and who could take on the other Santini men. JT definitely does that.

Jethro Francis Thomas (call him JT because he hates the name Jethro)

Age: 35 yrs old

Family Background: Only child, estranged from his parents.

Occupation: Marine, now out and a member of the NCIS team in San Diego, CA

Best friend to Anthony Santini-oldest Santini of this group and hero in A Santini Takes the Fall coming up late spring of 2014.

Mel’s Favorite quote: In that one split second, he knew she was the mirror to his soul.

And don’t forget, tomorrow will be an interview with Joey and Marcella Santini!

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  1. I really liked JT. He was just as alpha as the other guys but maybe because of his age not as cocky. Or maybe that is because of Elena

  2. I can’t wait to read this book! The things I have read about JT & Elena have made them one of my fav couples!

  3. No worries Mel on being late with your post. I found it today and now I get a two-fer 🙂 I do hope your specials will eventually make it to epub retailers? I believe you said so earlier so I won’t sweat it.

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