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Elena and JT

Hey, there! We are into our second day of Santinis and we have a never before seen excerpt from Falling for a Santini! Make sure to check out DAY ONE and enter that contest. I am posting a new rafflecopter every day so you need to enter every day.

I have to say that Elena lived up to being a Santini in all ways that are important. She is dedicated to her job, loves her family, and the woman has a healthy sexual appetite, lol.

Here is a little snippet from Falling for a Santini which is now on PREORDER everywhere (yes, even Barnes and Noble). And make sure to support the Thunderclap for Falling for a Santini!


She was saying all the right things, but it left him with a hollow feeling in the pit of his stomach. When he didn’t respond, she leaned forward and brushed her mouth against his.

“Just let us have tonight. We’ll worry about the future later.”

He wanted more from her. He wanted to demand some kind of agreement, but he knew that wasn’t fair to either of them. She was right, even if it hurt his heart to admit it.

So, instead of pushing the issue, he deepened the kiss. He let go of her hand and tugged on the sheet. It slipped down, and she lifted her leg to straddle him. She was already hot and wet. Needing to taste, he rose up and took one hardened nipple into his mouth. She leaned her head back and moaned as he teased her. Her hair was so long, the tips brushed his legs.

She shuddered as he moved his mouth from one nipple to the other. He had never had a woman who was as responsive as she was. He touched her and she exploded. It was as if they were made for each other.

Soon, though, she was pushing him back on the bed. She kissed her way down his torso. Her teeth scraped against his abdomen before she settled between his legs. She wrapped her hand around his cock and gave it one, long, leisurely stroke. He watched as she bent her head over and licked the head. He closed his eyes and groaned as she took him fully into her mouth. Soon he was lifting his hips off the bed to keep rhythm with her. God, it felt good. Too good. He almost lost his control. He didn’t want this. He wanted to share, to feel those little muscles of hers contract around his cock as he came.

He pulled her up and she frowned at him. “In a hurry, Jethro?”

He growled and tried to roll them over, but she shook her head.

“Nope, my turn.”

She grabbed a condom off her bedside table. She had it on quickly, then rose up over him. Slowly, surely, she took him inside of her. She bent down as she continued to move and kissed him. This wasn’t a simple kiss. In it, he felt her need, and the connection he had been missing with every other woman. In that one split second, he knew she was the mirror to his soul.


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  1. I love Elena, she had a good teacher, the awesome Mama Santini 😀 and JT is a good match for her.
    Thank you for the chance!

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