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The Santini Babies

Welcome to the first day of the 12 days of Santinis! I will post a contest every day. You don’t have to enter every day but it will give you better chances to win a Gift Certificate if you come and enter.

Let’s not forget why we are celebrating. Falling for a Santini is releasing on December 23rd! It is now on preorder at Kindle, Kobo, and Nook with more places being added soon! Make sure to check out the FIRST CHAPTER and sign up to support the THUNDERCLAP on release day!


What’s coming up? Well, today we are talking babies, and there is so much more planned for the next 12 days.

Dec 12: Santini Babies

Dec 13: Exclusive Sexy Saturday Excerpt from Falling for a Santini

Dec 14 : Character Spot: Elena Santini

Dec 15: Character Spotlight: JT

Dec 16: Interview with Joey and Marcella Santini

Dec 17: WIP WED: A small passage from One Night with a Santini

Dec 18: Character Spotlight: Brando Santini

Dec 19: A Visit with the first four Santinis: Leo, Marco, Gee, and Vince

Dec 20:  Sexy Excerpt from A Santini in Love

Dec 21: A Santini Christmas Surprise!

Dec 22: Interview with Elena Santini

Dec 23: Release Day Excerpt

Today, I wanted to reveal what our Santinis have been up to, and it is mainly procreating, lol.


Anna and Serena

Almost 3 yrs old





Jon 2

2 yrs





Ernie approx

approx 18 mos




Josephina  18

18 mos


The Johnson Brothers have been busy lately too. 



11 mos




Pregnant with first baby



Pregnant with first baby




And there will be another announcement in Falling for a Santini!!!


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  1. I love the Santinis! I am so glad you wrote spin offs too. So many babies LOL do you think we will see them grow up and get their own books? Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Eniko, stop that! LOL I already have so many Santinis to deal with, and that super seekrit spinoff series I have coming up from them, that I can’t even THINK of another generation yet.

      1. LOL I was just thinking. I would love to see if the Santini hunks age as well as Papa Santini did. I love that the senior Santini couple are still so in love after all these years. 😉

  2. I love continuing and connected romance series. Thanks for the Christmas fun and I hope you are feeling better <3 I've been having a hard few weeks so I'm right there with you. Oh and on FB I'm Lenna Hendershott 😉

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