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Santini Sunday: Dante’s Interview

ASIL_SantiniSunSo, I am a couple weeks late, but I wanted everyone to get a chance to read the interview I did with Dante Santini from A Santini in Love. He has become one of my favorite heroes and that is saying something with this family. They all are individuals, but they have a strong ethic about family and service. It makes them even more attractive.

Dante is in an odd place in his family. He and Elena are one of two sets of twins in the family. Being that he shares a birthday with the only girl in the family, it is a unique situation. It is something we talked about when we chatted about his new life with Madison. We met at one of my favorite restaurants in Warrenton, VA, Northside 29. He’s just spent time with Joey and Papa who live pretty close to me.


MEL: Thanks so much for coming and talking to me.

DANTE: No problem. We wanted to come into DC and see some more of the Santinis and
we both love the area.

MEL: We? Madison is with you?

DANTE: Yes. She had a conference for her work with dogs here and we decided to make a trip out of it.

MEL: Cool. Of course, DC is one of my favorite places to be so I understand that. So how is married life?

DANTE: *smiles* Definitely going well. Not saying that it is all smooth sailing but who wants that?

MEL: That would be boring.

DANTE: Indeed.

MEL: You’ve known Madison for a long time. Can you tell me if that is a pro or con? Meaning, do old rivalries give you issues?

DANTE: I think it’s good and bad.

MEL: What are you, a politician?

DANTE: *chuckles* Hey, I had to try. I would have to say that at the beginning it was hard to deal with. Not the old rivalry but seeing this different Madison.  At Annapolis, she was a formidable opponent.

MEL: She bested you quite a bit.

DANTE: *shakes his head* You know how to kick a man when he is down. Yes, and she got damned close on some of the physical stuff.

MEL: I sense a but in there.

DANTE: Yeah. Now though, I see this woman who might not win every fight, but she is so damned strong. Before, she was pretty damned annoying.

MEL: And now, you love her.

DANTE: *nods* Yeah. I always attracted to her. It’s hard not to be. But now, it’s hard to ignore that strength. It might be because I know what she has had to overcome to get to this place.

MEL: And it is a struggle every day.

DANTE: Yes. Although, there aren’t a lot of bad days, there are still some of those. You don’t get buried alive and come out without a few scars. I would worry much more if she was still the perfect Marine she was years ago. Now she has depth and that makes her stunning.

MEL: And she is best friends with your twin. Is that odd for you?

DANTE: *shakes his head* Not really. I’m glad they got back together. And in the Santinis, it is good that she can hold her own with them.

MEL: I understand you and Elena have an agreement not to get into each other’s love lives.

DANTE: Elena cured me of that very early in our high school days.

MEL: Care to relate the story?

DANTE: Nope. *smiles* I believe Elena will be happy to tell you that in her own story.

MEL: Which isn’t too happy right now?

DANTE: I like to say she is in a holding pattern.

MEL: And I am assuming this has not been filtered through the family gossip?

DANTE: Good lord, no. The women in my family are much scarier than the men. Let’s just say Elena threatened to make sure Madison and I remained childless due to injury. *shudders*

MEL: Okay, so I guess you have to get back.

DANTE: Yes. Madison and Charlie are doing a demonstration and I don’t want to miss it.

MEL: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and say hey to Joey for me.

DANTE: Will do.


Make sure to check out Dante and Madison in A Santini in Love now available in print and digital.




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  1. Mel, I get such a kc k out of these little interviews “happening right down the street from me!” Thanks? They bring a smile to my face!

    1. HAHAHA, yeah. I don’t hide what I do for a living, so most my neighbors know that I am a writer. I have noticed a few of them are careful about what they say around me now though.

    1. Well, you will probably love JT. He is sweet too. But Brando…that boy is just a big teddy bear. It is going to be fun.

    1. Look for more in December. I have a huge celebration coming to lead up to the release of Falling for a Santini. There will be interviews, character profiles…all kinds of cool stuff.

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