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JT’s POV Song

JT has a lot to live up to. Being the first hero of a Santini book who is not a Santini (although he has been names an Honorary Santini), he has a lot on his shoulders. As I have gotten to know him and the way he sees Elena, I think there is a good reason he has that title.

Another song from Ed Sheeran. When I heard it the first time when I bought the album a few months ago, I knew Thinking Out Loud would end up on a playlist. Every time I hear this song and John Legend’s All of Me, I think of JT now. Elena is a woman who has always had to have more guts than the men she grew up with. She always thought she needed to be tougher and for a lot of her life, she thought that meant she had to hide her vulnerabilities. It is so wonderful seeing how JT sees her and how he loves her. I really have enjoyed my time with them.

Here is a little bit of Ed Sheeran. He had to learn to dance for this video and it is visually beautiful IMHO.

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