Dante and Madison - Melissa Schroeder

Dante and Madison

Here is a little of Dante and Madison for you to enjoy for Sexy Saturday!

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For a moment, Madison didn’t know what to do. The sensual onslaught from Dante had her entire body lighting up like the Fourth of July. How did a woman react to that?

She was melting. Her brain, her resistance…her heart. Dante backed her up against the wall as he slanted his mouth over hers, deepening the kiss. He thrust his tongue between her lips. He pressed his entire body against hers. It was hard to mistake the heavy erection against her stomach. She moaned.

He shuddered as she slipped her arms over his shoulders and sucked his tongue. Madison knew it was stupid and dangerous, but at the moment, she just didn’t give a damn. He enticed her with his mouth and hard body. She wanted to surrender, to feel, to just jump in and enjoy the ride.

He took both her arms and pulled them away, looping his fingers around both wrists. Lifting them above her head, he pinned them to the wall. Then, he pulled back from the kiss and shifted his weight. She opened her eyes to find him skimming his hand down and over her neck and collarbone, only pausing to press it against her pulse.

Dante had barely touched her, but it was sensual, erotic. There was a connection there that scared her…and thrilled her. The confusing emotions had her heart beating out of control, her head spinning.

His fingers slipped further down, over her breast. He cupped her breast and teased her nipple through the fabric. Almost immediately, her nipple hardened. Her breasts ached from his touch. It had been so long since she’d had this rush of anxiety and pleasure. But, even now, though, she knew it was different than anything else she had experienced.

He was different.

“Ahh, you like that,” he said. His voice was rough with need. The sound of it danced over her nerve endings as he continued to torture her. The slow easy movement had her body screaming and he had barely touched her.

He looked up at her then, and the breath backed up in her lungs. Fear and desire twisted within her chest. Passion shown from his eyes and added a flush to his golden skin. It scared her. It excited her.

She was a damned mess, but she couldn’t look away. She knew he was daring her, pushing her just a bit to see how much she would be able to take. Madison refused to look away. After a few long, teasing moments, Dante’s mouth curved. Oh, damn. He looked like a freaking pirate. Then, he pulled back and picked her up by the waist.

“Wrap your legs around me.”

She wanted to tell him she could walk to her room, but she didn’t. Instead, she did as he ordered and he walked them down the hall. Then, he pushed the door to her bedroom open and strode over to the bed. He tumbled them onto the bed. Normally, she would probably be pissed, as he never really asked for permission. But, instead, she loved the feel of his body heavy against hers, pressing her into the mattress. He gave her no time to think. Instead, he was kissing her again.

Within moments they were both clawing at the other’s clothes. Need was bubbling over them both, controlling them, and she didn’t care. Apparently, neither did Dante. He worked faster than she did. He stood by the bed, then pulled her top off. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and tugged, sighing at the male beauty on display. She got his shirt off, then skimmed her hand up over the ripped abs and amazing chest.

“Holy hell,” Madison muttered.

Dante laughed. “I guess that’s a good expression.”

She glanced up at him, but then returned her gaze to his chest and abs. “You know, I saw you when we were in school, but damn, Santini.”

With delight, Madison moved both hands over his hard flesh. She couldn’t resist. She leaned forward and pressed her mouth against his stomach. He groaned as she worked her way up, kissing and nipping with her teeth. When she reached his chest, she ran her teeth over his nipple then kissed her way over to the other to give it the same treatment.

Soon, she wanted more though. She wanted him naked. With ease, she had his jeans undone. They fell down, revealing a pair of knit boxers that did nothing to hide his massive erection.


She reached out and brushed her fingers over the fabric. Again Dante shuddered. When Madison looked up at him, he was watching her. No, he was watching her fingers. She slipped the boxers down. His erection bobbed up against his stomach.

Madison couldn’t resist. She wrapped her hand around it and stroked him. He groaned and tipped his head back. Soon he was moving his hips in time with her hand. She leaned forward wanting a taste, just a little one, but he stopped her.

Frowning, she looked up at him, but he was shaking his head.

“Woman, I’m barely able to control myself right now. That definitely would push me over the edge.”


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