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Aloha Friday #1!

Since I have vowed to become more active on the blog, one thing I want to do is have a few kinds of different theme posts. To start off, I thought I would go with the obvious, Aloha Friday. For those of you not familiar with the term, Aloha Friday, it is the island way […]

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May day is called Lei Day in Hawaii. That is King Kamehameha and they do cover him with Leis on Lei day. Well, he does get Lei’d a lot, lol. Many of the statues across Hawaii are covered in them during special celebrations like Lei Day. It is a huge part of a their culture, and […]

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One month and counting

On January 21st, Brandy and I will be on our way to Hawaii. We are so pumped we can barely talk about it because we both would go insane, lol. We plan on having some fun, but we are doing some work while there. We are going to try to talk to plan the Hawaii […]

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