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Tasty Tuesday: Hawaiian Edition

Aloha, everyone! I am still recuperating from my trip to Hawaii. It always takes me about a week to get my wits back together because I don’t do well with the trip back to the mainland. Probably because I don’t sleep on the plane-can’t sleep on the plane is more accurate. But I wanted to share some of the food items I had in Hawaii.

We have our favorite places to go to since we lived here for three years, plus some newer things we have discovered.

First night is always just for us to find something to eat before we pass out.  This time we hit up Waikiki Burger since it was within walking distance of the hotel. I am usually a traditional gal when it comes to burgers, but last year when Brandy and I came to Hawaii, I tried out one of their “Hawaiian Burgers” and I loved it. It is glazed with teriyaki sauce and topped with a pineapple. Not to forget the to DIE FOR onion rings.


Thursday at the O Club at Hickam is Mongolian BBQ for as long as we have known it. It’s been over 11 years since we attended our first one and we always try and schedule one while we are here. If you have never been to one it’s where you pick all the food stuff you want-veggies, spices, meats-then you pay by weight. After that you throw on your sauces and oil and then they cook it for your. Add some rice  to the bowl afterwards and this is what you get. It is yummy.


Now, for a Hawaiian favorite. You have seen Moco Loco on Hawaii 5-0-if you watch the show-or at least heard it mentioned. It is something that shouldn’t taste so good but does. Rice is first put on the plate, then a beef patty, gravy and then fried eggs. I couldn’t finish mine of course. I had this particular yumminess at the Tropics Bar and Grill at the Hilton.


The next day we decided to ride around the island. If you have access to the base, I suggest you take a day to hit it up. The view is the canal, just like the O Club and the food is really good. I went Hawaiian again with Spam and eggs.Spam because a mainstay during WW II mainly because Hawaii was always in jeopardy of being cut off from supply lines. Hawaiians eat a lot of it and they even have it served at restaurants as stir fry.


Now, no trip to Oahu would be complete without getting a little bit of heaven at Leonard’s. Malasadas are a must to try.

LEONARD's 566447_4445446849075_395725720_o

Another favorite on the islands is Hawaiian Shaved Ice. I just got the Hawaiian Ice but they do add ice cream at the bottom before they add the ice. It is great on a warm day. We were driving around the island and stopped over on the North Shore for these.


We have another favorite place to eat when we hit Oahu. Bravo’s Italian Restaurant is a little place over in the Pearlridge shopping center. I recommend just about anything on their menu, but their chopped salads are to die for and I had the baked rigatoni. Oh, and be sure to get as many garlic rolls as you can. THE ARE DELICIOUS.


SAMSUNGThey were FABULOUS. This is the little treat that Maura shared with Rory and then promised to clean his house.Last, but certainly not least, we stopped at Ala Moana Center for my Pork Footballs.



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  1. All of those look yummy. I think I just gained 20 pounds and I can’t see my computer monitor through all the drool 🙂

  2. It is almost lunch here and looking at all these yummies, my tummy is screaming FEED ME! FEED ME!

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