WIP Wednesday: A Little Harmless RIDE - Melissa Schroeder

WIP Wednesday: A Little Harmless RIDE

Just a little bit of Ride to whet your appetite:

The sharp sting of the whip against his flesh jolted Eli awake. Pain surged through his body once again.

“We can’t have you falling asleep, St. John,” the sultry voice whispered in his ear. He had been stupid enough to let that voice seduce him…and now he was paying for it.



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12 Comments on “WIP Wednesday: A Little Harmless RIDE

  1. OMG (as I fan myself) this may be the toughest wait yet!!!! Melissa you’re such a tease…..oh wait that’s what’s so wonderful about u!!!!!! U love us addicts so much!!!!!

  2. That opening line drew me in… You are one dangerous woman, Mel! So now we are going to be anxiously waiting for Eli!!!

  3. Oh my my! I think this is gonna be the one book to do me in! My poor husband! LOL! Can’t wait!

  4. Just a comment for y’all…this is a torture scene, not a BDSM scene lol. Eli is definitely a top.

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