Announcing: Mel's Militia! - Melissa Schroeder

Announcing: Mel’s Militia!

I have waited a few months debating whether or not I wanted to start a Street Team. It is something a lot of authors are doing, but Brandy and I already had so much on our plates. After a lot of discussion, we decided to form one and see how it goes.

Mel’s Militia will be a private Street Team that we will handle through FB. We will have some weekly missions and there will be giveaways for members of the group. This will not just be for my Harmless books. I have 50 releases and less than a quarter of them are Harmless books. I need to get the word out on all of the different books I have coming out.

If you are interested in joining the group, email Brandy and I at


DO NOT ANSWER HERE. I am turning off the comments. Please email us. If you have answered here, you still need to email us.


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