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May day is called Lei Day in Hawaii. That is King Kamehameha and they do cover him with Leis on Lei day. Well, he does get Lei’d a lot, lol. Many of the statues across Hawaii are covered in them during special celebrations like Lei Day. It is a huge part of a their culture, and there is something about getting a lei in Hawaii.  This year marks the 85th anniversary celebration and because most of the Harmless books have some kind of connection to the islands, I would have a big party here on the blog.

A Little Harmless Addiction is now officially in print and the last of the publisher Harmless books. A Little Harmless Fascination is now in digital and will be in print in the next few weeks along with Infatuation.

So, I am going to have a little contest and you just leave your answer down there in the comments. I will draw the winner THURSDAY at NOON central US Time. And, what do I have for y’all? Well, we have a Hawaiian bag that Brandy and I picked up this year at the Swap Meet, and we can fill it with lots of Hawaiian goodies including a print of A Little Harmless Submission, some Harmless swag, and how about a beach towel since summer is coming up. Oh, and why don’t I spread the love and offer  up two runner up swag packs of Harmless fun.

So, what do I want to know? If you had a chance to go to Hawaii this year, what would you like to do? Are you a touristy kind of person who loves to hit all those places you’ve seen in movies and on TV? Or do you want to hang out on the beach and maybe dabble in some shopping? Or, are you in it for adventure, to do some surfing, parasailing or a little hiking? Let me know, and I will put your name in the pot. 


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  1. Hawaii… I am wanting to go there & when I get there I want to SHOP, spend time on the beach, and definitely try to do as much site seeing as I can! There are so many beautiful locations on the islands & I want to see them up close! And can’t miss out on a luau!!!

  2. well, since i’m going in 6 weeks, i hope this counts!
    i want to see what hawaii/kona is really like; the history, beauty and adventure…a few touristy things,with alot of realxation mixed in! and my 1st luau too!

  3. I would like to go to the waterfalls that I’ve seen in movies and on tv. I would also like to hit the beach and maybe do some deep sea fishing. I don’t think I would ever scuba dive or anything though. I would also like to meet Dog the Bounty Hunter.

  4. I would hang out on the beach and go shopping 🙂 LOTS of shopping!! If I ever have a chance to go to Hawaii I will have to get a list of all the ‘must go to shops’ 🙂
    Oh and I agree with Amy S. I would want to meet Dog 🙂

  5. I would love to do a little bit of everything. I want to visit Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial. I’d like to go hiking through the exquisite rainforests. I’d love to walk along the sandy beaches and enjoy a luau. I’d want to soak up the night life, the day life and the every day life from the markets to the history…

  6. Ohhhhhh this is tough…..normally I’m all about tourist traps. I stop at the Mystery Spot up north and always point out places from billboards an road trips. But in Hawaii? Hmmmmm I’d probably visit a volcano & shop & watch people on the beach from under my giant umbrella….I burn like crazy in 15 minutes flat LOL

  7. I’m not an adventure seeker! I do like to do the whole tourist thing, and I would probably want to do some of that and a little time for just hanging out on the beach!

    Happy Lei Day!

    Michelle V

  8. This year when I go to Hawaii I’m looking forward to spending time on as many beaches as possible. I plan on taking lots of pictures. There are no two beaches in the world that are identical and my goal is to visit as many around the world as possible.

  9. I would want to hang out on the beach, maybe dabble in some shopping and do some sight seeing.

  10. I’d like to do a little shopping, of course. But my dream is to tour the islands and take in all the beauty there. Maybe someday….

    Margie Hager

  11. I’d love to do all the touristy things along with just hanging out on the beach for some R&R. Sounds like a blast.

  12. My parents just returned from a trip to Hawaii… they have gone numerous times, but I have not gone yet. I would love to see the sights… look at the beautiful flora and fauna, etc…

    greenshamrock AT cox DOT net

  13. I’d like to wander in the nature of the islands. Absorb the feeling of the people and the place.

    waver lyn at hotmail dot com

  14. I’d be sitting on the beach a lot of it. But also hiking and exploring. Because of Hawaii 5-0 there is so much I would love to see. I’m not a huge fan of shopping so I’d do lots of exploring and try to check out shops and restaurants not super frequented by tourists. My in-laws found this awesome breakfast place that they visit every time they go and I’d definitely have to hunt it down. 🙂

  15. I’ve only been to Maui, and since our car broke down on the way to explore Hana, I would love to still go there. Plus a little island hopping would be fun.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  16. It is a dream of mine to go to Hawaii! I would love to visit some of the tourist locales but I also want to enjoy some time at the beach. I haven’t been to the beach since I was six and I just want to sink my toes in the sand an relish the beautiful view! I want to smell the salt water and check out all the hot males…lol! 🙂 Happy Lei Day!!

  17. I would like to go to the Dole Plantation and the Polynesian Cultural Center and also have our friend take us base shopping.

  18. If I ever get to go it’ll probably be with my hubby. So I’d say we’d hike/walk, got to the beach very early in the morning when it’s calm, and eat. He likes to try food from new places. Then I’d drag him out shopping and to a luau.

  19. Aloha, Melissa! Today I joined Renee and Nadja (published authors and military spouses) at Wright Bros. Cafe for breakfast. We chatted about the BATTLESHIP screening (which they attended) and the H5O crossover with NCIS:LA (which I watched them film on the flightline). We took pictures in leis and headed over to the NSCI offices on Pearl Harbor in anticipation of the second half of the crossover story.

    I have visited most of the tourist spots and even a few kama’aina hideaways. The best guide for both is OAHU REVEALED (the Blue Book).

  20. I’d love to go to Hawaii.I think I’d do a bit of the touristy thing but I’d also want to just relax on the beach….drinking 😉 and reading.

  21. I have never been to Hawaii and I want to do it ALL! Surfing is a must!! I have this fantasy of finding a secret waterfall and getting busy with my STUD! *winks* Shopping of course because well I LOVE TO SHOP!! I suppose a few tourist stops will be on my list. I also want to snorkel and if their are dolphins, I want to swim with them. Luv ya Mel!!

  22. Id love to go to Hawaii. One day, im gonna make it there! If i went, id hit all the tourists spots, go shopping (gotta bring back goodies and souvenirs.) Im not one for the beach, so id probably skip that part. Id definitely want to go to villages and check them out. Get a feel of there culture and history. 🙂 Thank you! Oh! I know a few authors who are there and id probably see if i could meet them. 🙂

  23. OMGosh! I want to do it all but two things that stick out in my mind are going to the big Swap Meet and seeing the King statue. Oh and poi. I want to try some just once even thought my Mom said its gross!

  24. I’d like to do all the tourist things and go sightseeing.


  25. I’m not a real touristy person. I would probably spend most of my time on the beach and in the water. Would love to go snorkeling too.

  26. I would find a nice shady spot. Surrounded by all the beautiful sights, sounds and smells of the tropical paradise. I would of course be reading….Harmless books!!!

  27. My nephew is stationed there so of course I would visit him and would probably do all the fun touristy things!

  28. Sound great wish I was there now whoo, congrats on the book, hot covers whoo
    Love the water and sights

  29. Hawaii..sigh!!! It has always been on my ‘Bucket List’ as a place I wanted to visit.

    I would love to just see the beauty that Hawaii has to offer, beaches, waterfalls and of course some shopping for my loved ones at home. Hmmm, perhaps I might even see a Dom or two hanging around the beach…


  30. Hawaii is near the top of my travel wishlist. I want to do it all! First I want to chill on the beach, swim with the kids. Then some hiking and other adventures. Then some shopping. I’d like to visit at least two of the islands.

    I have no idea how I’ll ever afford this all, but it is a lovely dream…

  31. Lounging on the beach watching the sunset. That is exactly what I would do. After that a helicopter ride over the islands and mind you I hate heights but I would still love to do that.

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