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Year in Review: Delilah’s Downfall

When I met Delilah while writing Conquering India, I knew I had to give her a book. She had a particular weakness for cowboys and I first thought to write just a regular menage. But then, those darned twins popped up. So, Delilah had herself four men she had to handle. If anyone could do […]

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Delilah is up for book of the week

Yes, I am still under the weather. I lost my voice off and on yesterday. I am hoping that it recovers, although I think my family is probably hoping it doesn’t, lol. Anyway, I am working on edits for Sex on the Beach, the second Hawaiian Holidays books today but I need your help. I was […]

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Delialh is now on Barnes and Noble!!!

Hey, everyone! Delilah is now up on Barnes and Noble. Even if you don’t buy from them, a “like” on the page helps a lot! Thanks. And, hopefully, I will be back to full speed tomorrow. I’m still sick and the little one is too. So, I am taking my meds and snuggling down on […]

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Preorders and Delilah is on Amazon

Well, this week was a flurry of activity on the posting front. Delilah is up on Kindle and doing very well! Be sure to check it out because they have it on 20% off right now! Now, only 8 more days and Micah will be here in A Little Harmless Lie, but you can preorder […]

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Much news Monday

Well, it has been a crazy week. And, I am not looking forward to another one, but it will probably turn out that way. I just finished off line edits for A Little Harmless Lie, and I had that…what was that…oh a RELEASE! Exciting, yes? Anyway, here are some great things that happened along with […]

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