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Delilah is up for book of the week

Yes, I am still under the weather. I lost my voice off and on yesterday. I am hoping that it recovers, although I think my family is probably hoping it doesn’t, lol.
Anyway, I am working on edits for Sex on the Beach, the second Hawaiian Holidays books today but I need your help. I was put up for Book of the Week at Long and Short Reviews. And, I just got an amazing review for Delilah! Here is a little bit of it:

Delilah is a complicated woman. She has grown up under the black cloud of a reckless mother and very overprotective brothers. Although all the Bartlett brothers have a similar desire, they are all so different in personality and manner that it makes this exciting to read. They are opposite in many way but complement each other in their dedication to their ranch and their desire for one woman to love all of them. They are the ultimate cowboys, physically and the ultimate men emotionally. The story carries their mutual attraction so smoothly and resists what could be cliché.

Canterbury Bell, Whipped Cream, five cherries

She had more wonderful things to say about the book. Go check out the rest of the review and PLEASE, don’t forget to give me a vote!


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