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First Review for A Little Harmless Lie

Yes, I know I am obsessive about things. One of them was Micah and Dee’s story, A Little Harmless Lie. I loved it myself, and Goddess Editor Heidi loved it too. But, I know a lot of people loved Evan, and I didn’t want to disappoint my readers. I mean, without y’all, where would I be? So, I just got my first review from Tyhada on her blog and YAY, she liked it! Here is a little of what she said.

The chemistry between Micah and Dee sizzles from the beginning. The sex scenes smoking hot and are guaranteed to get your pulse beating faster.

Make sure to check out the rest of the review on her SITE. And, hey, just a little something for the bloggers. It doesn’t hurt to follow the romance bloggers who review books. You might find some different books you might not have heard of, and it does help the bloggers get recognition if they have more followers. 


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