Delialh is now on Barnes and Noble!!! - Melissa Schroeder

Delialh is now on Barnes and Noble!!!

Hey, everyone! Delilah is now up on Barnes and Noble. Even if you don’t buy from them, a “like” on the page helps a lot! Thanks.

And, hopefully, I will be back to full speed tomorrow. I’m still sick and the little one is too. So, I am taking my meds and snuggling down on the couch to rest for the majority of the day.


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  1. Sorry you’re sick. Hope you feel better. I’m gLad you are at Barnes & Noble now! I’ve been asking for awhile now! Jan

  2. Thanks, everyone.
    Jan, there is always about a month or so lag time between release at Siren and release on offsite places. So, like Mele Kalikimaka, baby should be out about mid Jan;)

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