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Guest Post: Ju Dimello

Tales from the kitchen in romantic fiction… My characters like to cook…Maybe it’s because I have a love-hate relationship with cooking, or it could be the fact that I need a lot of comfort food to get me into the writing mood or it could just be that I can try whatever dishes I’m in […]

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Guest Author & Giveaway: Em Petrov

Hopes, Dreams and Writing Resolutions…Oh My January is the month of resolutions and dreams for a new and better upcoming year. We vow to quit smoking, lose those last five pounds, drink less, and be happier. Typically by February, all these resolutions are tossed into the dumpster, buried under life, and we return to our […]

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Guest Author & Free Book: Nina Pierce

When the Heart Overrides the Head I’m a romantic at heart. I believe in soul mates and happy-ever-afters; true hearts and forever love. But why wouldn’t I? I grew up in a blessed home, one of five children, surrounded by love. I started dating my best friend’s older brother when I was a freshman in […]

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Guest Author & Giveaway: Renee Wildes

Spring – A Time of Hope & Renewal             Hearing the honking of returning geese for the first time is the first sign of spring for me. Figure skating winding down for my daughter Tami, and the landscape changing from white to green. Kids play Frisbee while they dream of water parks. Also a time […]

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Guest Post & Giveaway: Corrina Lawson

One of the questions I hear a lot is “Where do you get your ideas?” I assume I get that more often than other writers because my ideas are a little out there. 🙂 The book I’m offering as a giveaway today, Eagle of Seneca, arose from a whole bunch of different inspirations, including my […]

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