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Contests, Contests, Contests

Good morning folks. I’m hibernating as I work on edits for Desire by Blood (should be released very, very soon) and working on A Little Harmless Fantasy. But, I thought I’d give you a head’s up on some contests I am doing. First, here on the site, you can enter my contest for a $100.00 […]

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Sexy Saturday: Desire by Blood

Good morning, everyone! It has been a long week of work for me. We ran around and did all the necessary preparations, and well, Isaac never showed here. Seeing the problems he caused elsewhere we were really lucky. I did a lot of work though. Desire is ALMOST done. We are in the editing stage […]

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Writing and updates

Well, I had plans to start blogging this weekend. Two things happened. After going through edits for Desire, I realized there were a couple things I had missed, and those things are adding a lot of words. It will still probably be done by Sunday night or Monday, BUT, now comes the second problem. I […]

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Updates and what not

I want to give everyone a big update on things that are going on with me. Many of my readers on FB and Twitter already know that I was recently diagnosed with very high blood pressure. It is now under control, but the first few weeks while they were playing with the meds, were very […]

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New Cover Reveal! By Blood

My big release mid summer is Desire By Blood. It is a vampire tale set in Victorian England, but I was worried about the covers and packaging I had come up with. While I had loved what Kendra did with the original photos, I decided that we needed something different. I wanted to make sure […]

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