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Writing and updates

Well, I had plans to start blogging this weekend. Two things happened. After going through edits for Desire, I realized there were a couple things I had missed, and those things are adding a lot of words. It will still probably be done by Sunday night or Monday, BUT, now comes the second problem.

I live in Alabama. South Central Alabama. By Tuesday morning, we will probably be feeling the first of it. It will probably put a delay on my release by a few days. It depends on how bad it is. They had first said we would have tropical storm force winds, but we are being told to prepare for possible hurricane force winds. UGH. So I cannot guarantee anything right now.

For those of you in the path, please, stay safe. I will be posting here from time to time and I am planning on chronicling it just as I did SNOWMAGGEDEN in DC. Hopefully, it will not cause much damage.

Look for the release of Desire right around Labor Day. Isaac is not expected to be catastrophic, so I am hoping that it will possibly give us some localized flooding and some damage, but crossing my fingers that is it. I will also being doing a contest the week of Labor Day right here on the blog.

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  1. Mel, I keep watching this storm and thinking of you. They have closed school for my daughter from Monday for us here in Broward County in FL. You will be in my thoughts and prayers that you get very local rain. Look forward to your blogs and stay safe..

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