New Cover Reveal! By Blood - Melissa Schroeder

New Cover Reveal! By Blood

My big release mid summer is Desire By Blood. It is a vampire tale set in Victorian England, but I was worried about the covers and packaging I had come up with. While I had loved what Kendra did with the original photos, I decided that we needed something different. I wanted to make sure everyone knew this was historical AND paranormal.  I also came up with a subtitle for the books and changed the title up. 

So, I got a pic from Jenn Leblanc and tadaaaaaaa:

I will be signing this at AAD and giving a *few* copies away at my Cursed n Blood party. I love this and cannot wait until I can see promo printed up with it! I will have excerpt booklets made up with the whole first chapter for it, and some other little things I have planned. YAY!


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