Cover Reveal: One Night with a Santini - Melissa Schroeder

Cover Reveal: One Night with a Santini

It is time for a Santini Cover Reveal! Follow me after the jump to see Brandy Walker’s gorgeous cover!

Meet Brando Santini, one of the second set of twins (Carlos is the other).  When I planned this family, I have thought A Santini Takes the Fall would be book eight. Apparently, Brando doesn’t want to wait. So, they are switching places.

Brando is the second oldest and older than Carlos by ten minutes. He runs into a high school friend one night when he is celebrating his return from a deployment. One night will not be enough of course. I mean, when would one night with a Santini be enough, but the consequences of that night together will have these two all tangled up. This heroine is going to be a little on the curvy side:)

Look for this book in early 2015!

And don’t forget to preorder your copy of A Santini in Love.



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