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Musical Inspiration for A Santini in Love

Before you know it, A Santini in Love will A Santini in Lovebe here! I am getting so excited for this release. I really enjoyed writing Madison and Dante and their music was at times dark and other times romantic. Dante, like many of the Santinis, is a romantic. It is hard to think of a Santini man who isn’t. And one of the things I loved about him was that from the moment they meet up again, he treats her as an equal. He wants to protect her, but he also understands that her condition doesn’t make her weak.

So, onto the music.

When I first started thinking about this book, I knew I needed to start with Madison. Dante had already made his appearance in Touch Me, so readers were a little acquainted with him. Madison, her PTSD and how she got it, was the beginning point of this book. It came to me in a flash when I heard the Billy Joel song, Goodnight Saigon. The heart wrenching ballad was always one of my favorites of his mainly because I feel a connection to that time period. I was born less than a year after my father returned from Vietnam.

This is a performance from this summer in DC and the music starts around the :40 mark. He is joined by active service members and retired service members on stage.


Next up is the song for Dante. As I said, he was a romantic and the one song that came to mind was an old Robert Palmer song, She Makes My Day. To me, I always found this one of the most romantic songs mainly because it is done from the viewpoint of the male singer. It speaks of the way HE sees her which might not be the way she sees herself.

Now, onto the love song for the two of them. If you follow me on TWITTER, you know I have a huge music crush on Ed Sheeran lately. One of the songs I played over and over is Kiss Me which wasn’t really a single release but gained popularity when it was featured on a few shows.

And last, but not least is when Dante makes his stand for Madison. I will admit that when I wrote this book, I expected it to be another one of my books, but something in it touched me. They all get to me in their own way, but while I wrote Dante Santini telling Madison exactly why he loves her, I listened to this song over and over. Very dramatic and I was crying by the time I was finished. That doesn’t happen that often. I might tear up or sniffle a little, but this really reached in my chest and grabbed hold of my heart. This is actually an instrumental from Argo by Alexandre Desplat called The Mission.


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