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And Now Some Explanations

So, where am I going? First, I had to pull out of the Shifter Bundle. The three ladies involved, Michelle Pillow, Mandy Roth and Jaycee Clark have been just fantastic about it. Right now, the book isn’t up to their quality of work. I hated to do it, but I refused to put something out for readers that was below standards. The book will be released at some point, but I am taking a break and will edit it later. I sincerely apologize to those of you who were hoping to read the new series. It is coming, I just don’t know when.

Now on to other upcoming books. I have decided that for future books LittleHarmlessSecret72 (1)that are not on preorder, I will not give release dates until the rough draft is done. It puts me under less pressure. I usually thrive on pressure, but I have been told that is not a good thing, lol. So, Logan will release in August  and A Little Harmless Secret will be out in September.

Now onto the others that have not been listed. July will bring the reissue Grace_1400x2100of Grace Under Pressure and the Harmless Shorts. From that point on, I am not saying other than seasons or possibly months. I have had a few questions about the next Santini releases and of course the Harmless


Military books. I have already started on A Santini in Love, so expect to see that cDANTE SANTINIoming up this fall. I hope to have the next Harmless Military book, Craving, out this fall also. I will not get any more specific than that.

Onto the subject of reissues. A lot of people have been looking for A Little Harmless Sex, the first of the Harmless books, is not on sale right now. I can’t put it out for sale until August as per my contract with the publisher. Look for it to return about mid August. With each of the books that I get back from my publisher, I have to do that, so just expect to see the books reissue in about 6 months after it is pulled from distribution.

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and the wonderful emails. I am hoping with an easier schedule, less stress, and better lifestyle choices, I will become more productive.


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  1. Your health and well being are most important. When your books are up to your high standards we know you will publish them and not before. I will be here waiting for your next book on my fainting couch.

  2. Desire By Blood was the second book I had read by you. Loved it, and was excited as it was published in 2012, there would be more to read. Now, on your site, not sure of the future of this series. Was it not well received? Or perhaps, you didn’t like how it turned out. Good reviews, from what I’ve read. HOPE to see more, as you got me hooked on the supporting characters.

    Noted later, about your back pain. As a nurse, I know pain can be exhausting, depressing, and sometimes difficult to treat.
    My best wishes for a quick and complete recovery.



  3. Melissa, I don’t know any author who releases as many books in a year as you. If you slow down a bit, you’ll still be releasing enough books to satisfy your fans. You’ve been spoiling us, but your health has to come first.

    I hope you’ll feel better soon and don’t push yourself too hard.

    Big hug!

  4. I just sent you a message about “Craving” because I couldn’t find anything in the FAQ on the site… I never thought to check the blog for posts about it. I just found it in Google Search so my question has been answered. You can ignore my request. Sorry to bother you. I should have checked here first. My apologies.

    Can’t wait to read Craving!

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