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Catching up and stuff

Hey, everyone! Well, it has been a little crazy here at my house. A trip out of town for a signing and some needed family time, writing, and then something happened while I was gone. I can’t say much right now, but it has me rearranging my schedule a bit. I was super excited about having my Savannah Heat come out this summer, but to do what I have been asked to do, I will need to get a lot of stuff in order. Doesn’t mean there won’t be fun stuff on the way.

The Harmless Shorts, including all the old ones and several new ones, is just about ready to come out. I will release this at the end of June, hurrah! It should also have a peek at A Little Harmless Secret, possibly the entire first chapter!

Only For Him is resuming this month. I hope to have the next two parts up this month and next. Sorry for the delay!

Lots of exciting things on the horizon, and I hope to be able to share it with all of you soon!

Also, there is going to be an Angus epilogue that will be in my newsletter in June. Each month, there will also be things from the Witch’s Diary to give you hints of what is coming up next:)

I do apologize for all the juggling, but I think when you get a look at my new Texas series, you will understand:)

I have two reissues coming up. Grace Under Pressure and A Little Harmless Sex will be released in July and August respectively. Grace will have about 10-20K more added to it, and is going through a really tough edit before I release it. ALH Sex will stay about the same.

Give me over the weekend to answer emails and messages and next week I think I might be spending a small fortune on mailing for prizes for people. Thanks so much for understanding.


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  1. You are one busy woman! But since you are my fav author, I will allow it! LOL. And I will anxiously wait that Angus Epilogue… (I love all things Clan related!) Make sure you get a little bit of rest in between all of that stuff!!!

  2. You are amazing Mel..can not wait to read everything your writing for us.

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