The Book That Started it All! - Melissa Schroeder

The Book That Started it All!

It has just been a year since The Santinis marched out into the public and captured readers’ hearts! Remember, until the end of May, you can get all four books for only .99! Then it goes back into the vault. And, Leonardo is free in a lot of places. B and N and Amazon are taking forever though.

And don’t forget, Tempt Me comes out on Tuesday!





He shook himself, trying to push all those thoughts aside, but his voice was still a little rough when he answered. “Yeah.”

“Okay, come on in.”

She stepped back and allowed him to pass. After she shut the door behind him she leaned back against it. He turned to face her.

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

Her eyes widened. He didn’t blame her for being surprised. Arousal was thrumming through his blood and he heard it in his voice. Leo just couldn’t help it. His fingers itched to touch. His mouth wanted to taste.  Every bit of his body needed her in a way that should scare the hell out of him.

“Maryanne?” he asked. He would take a step back if she asked. It might kill him, but he would do it.

Then, a small smile curved her lips. “Not really hungry for pizza right now.”

Relief coursed through him as he strode toward her. He tossed the box on the table without stopping.

“Thank the Lord,” he said as he pulled her away from the door and into his arms. The moment he pressed his lips against hers, he knew he couldn’t let her go. Ever.

Now, he just had to convince the woman in his arms


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