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    March 3, 2017

    Tangled Passions

    Facing an obsessive killer proves to be easier than falling in love.

    The last person Drew Franklin wants to work with is Cat Kalakau. Their history makes it difficult being in the same room, let alone being joined at the hip during a case. Months ago, they’d shared a night filled with romance and a bit more, but that ended after he was shot. Since then, even their friendship seems to have fallen apart. But he will do his job, even if spending more time with her is killing him.

    Working with Drew every day reminds Cat she’s to blame for his injury. It doesn’t matter that she wants him more than her next breath, or that every time he looks at her she melts into a puddle of lust. She needs to resist her own desires to protect him as they hunt a serial killer targeting wealthy men signed up for dating services.

    Soon though, their time together proves to be too much.  One fight leads to a kiss, which leads to so much more.  Neither of them is prepared for the overwhelming need they have for each other or the connection they seem to have. But when Cat realizes Drew is the object of the killer’s obsession, she will do anything to protect him even if it means sacrificing her life for his.

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    Jonah Berg is a man who believes in only the tangible. The Marine definitely doesn’t want a woman who believes in fate and in things that can’t be proven. Still, he can’t keep his mind or his hands off Fiona Farelli. It doesn’t help that the woman is sweetly submissive, or that she fills his needs on so many levels.

    Fiona knows that she might be making a mistake with Jonah. The man’s nickname is Diablo for goodness’ sake. But she feels a pull to him like no other man before him. And when he takes her to bed, she finds herself completely and utterly enthralled.

    Soon though, their relationship goes from sensual bed games to falling in love. Fiona needs to decide if he wants to risk her heart, or walk away from the one man who is her soul mate.

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    What happens in Vegas…

    Oh you thought I would tell you? Sorry! It’s a surprise.

    Blurb coming soon!

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    May 2017

    Delilah’s Downfall

    Delilah Gonzales loves cowboys. She has from very early in her life. But, those in her hometown didn’t show much interest, or respect, so she has sworn them off. Plus, she always seems to fall head over heels for them and they always seem to leave. That’s before she gets hired as the Bartlett Ranch’s cook and housekeeper. When she is faced with not one, but four, gorgeous brothers, she finds herself reevaluating her cowboy ban.

    The Bartlett Brothers have been looking for a woman for all them. They each have different needs, wants, and Delilah seems to be the one to fill them all. It doesn’t take long before they have her in their bed. But, when she is faced with choosing them over her family, will she stand up to her overbearing brothers, or leave the brothers with broken hearts?