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Updates and Whatnot, October Edition

So, I guess I should address something I mentioned on Facebook last week.

Several complaints from readers has been they want my books to be longer. That I should write something other than novellas. I have had a few of those this year, but I also put out two longer books, one over 83000. But, because so many people have been complaining, I am giving in. What does that mean?

Well, after a Santini Christmas, I have no release dates. Yep, you read that right. I will not set dates for awhile and there might not be anything really new until maybe March. If readers want longer books, then I can give them to them. But it takes longer and I am not willing to risk my health to write 10K a day for days on end. I am sure my readers will understand 😉

The military novellas were all supposed to be for in between my longer books, but I guess not. I am not complaining, just stating facts. The next two Semper Fi books will not be full length. Mainly because of print reasons, but they will be longer. But, first up after the Santini Christmas is going to be some paranormals. I know some readers who are very excited about getting Angus and the next By Blood and I want to give it to them. Hopefully, the second books of the series will sell better.

Also, Only for Him will start this December as planned for free on my site. Each part will be at least 10K  (about 30-45 pages) up to 25K (about 100-105 pages). They will be free on the site and will release once a month. There will be more about that in November.

This will give me time to get the problems with the Harmless shorts fixed for everyone:) So more good things coming.

Please be patient with my site. My folks can’t update what I have not sent them, and I will be honest. This move has taken a lot out of me and I am just taking one day at a time:)


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12 Comments on “Updates and Whatnot, October Edition

  1. Take care of yourself! I always love a long book, but if the story can be told thoroughly at a shorter length, then do it! You will always have someone complaining, and they will probably complain about having to wait… Do what’s best for your writing & for the many voices in your head!!!

  2. Personally, I don’t mind whether you write long or short. At least you aren’t one of those authors who publishes a “book” of only 25 pages and ends it on a cliffhanger to reel people into buying the next and the next. Your novellas seem longer than those I’ve been sucked into, they can be read as a stand alone, and there are NO cliffhangers. However, this new development would give me a chance to catch up on your books I haven’t had a chance to read yet 🙂 Just make sure your health and family come first!

    1. LOL, the Semper Fi won’t be that much longer. I still will write some novellas because I seriously love doing them. It is a challenge to make sure you have everything you need in there.
      And, that is why I am doing the serial for free. I wanted to do that, but I definitely didn’t want to screw readers out of money for it. I like the challenge of a serial and it allows me to share something free with readers. One thing I will be doing is having the books done before I announce release dates, so that will create a little lag time right now, then it will pick back up:)
      Let me know if you need any of my backlist for review:)

  3. You will always have somebody complaining either way, not sure why they would though in your case. I have read most your works and there wasn’t one that I didn’t love, short or long. Whatever you will write I will read. You have to take care of yourself first.

  4. I will continue to buy your books regardless of whether they are novellas or full length books. I would prefer they be complete stories without extra fluff put in just to make them longer like so many other books are these days. You should write what you feel! Those of us who truly love your books will be happy either way!

    1. That is one thing I will not do 🙂
      But, I will make them a little longer and spend more time with them. I don’t want to feel rush to get something out. I also need to start looking over some books that will be coming back to me in the next 18 months. Grace Under Pressure was over 90K at one time and I want to go back through it again.

  5. You are never going to make everyone happy. In my opinion I think you should write what your muse or the characters tell you. You have never advertised your books as a novel, so they know it’s a novella before they buy it. Please do not add more to the story than needs to be there to pad the word count. There are plenty of authors that add crap to a story just to pad the word count. You have never been that type of author, please do not start now. Your books are well worth the price we pay. So if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Besides don’t risk your health for people complaining. How do you know they actually brought your book anyway? On another note when are we going to get Dee’s brother’s book? When you say Winter 2014, does that mean Jan- Feb 2014 or Nov or Dec 2014?

    1. I am looking at those after this new year, not next:) As I said, no more release dates, but I am itching to write those stories. Because Craving ends with a cliffhanger for Restless and then leads into that story, I want to release them in back to back months.
      Was I vague enough.
      And thank you! I really appreciate your thoughts. I will never just add fluff to a book. I love writing these novellas and if these books end up still being 20K, but I do it without pressure, I know that is where it is supposed to be:)

  6. I will buy your books either way cuz I love your stories! I am never disappointed. Take care of yourself first that’s what’s most important! Remember we all love ya!

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