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Happy Saturday! This week, everyone got a glimpse of what was to come in May, but I wanted to gibe you a little bit of info on our first Santini man, Leonardo.

Leo is the second oldest and an Army medic who has seen a lot of combat. Now, he is teaching at Joint Base San Antonio Ft Sam Houston, so he is getting a little down time. In his thirties, he dedicated himself early on to becoming a medic and not following his father and brother who both went to Annapolis before entering the Marines. Just like his brothers, he might have decided to serve his country, but, again, just like his brothers, he wants to do it his own way.

Check out this little snippet when Leo decides to make a point to the heroine, Maryanne(unedited):


Leo said nothing as he followed his brother to the door. Once Vince stepped through the doorway though, Leo shut the door and grabbed her by the wrist pulling her to him, then crowded her up against the door. Before she could tell him to get his hands off her—and she was so totally going to do that, really—he slammed his mouth down on hers.

Her brain fizzled. Just right there, stopped working. She couldn’t seem to do anything but to kiss him back. Every other thought dissolved and the primal instinct to connect took over. Heat bloomed within her, pulsing through her veins. In that one instant she went from sort of frustrated to wanting to tear off his clothes. When he pulled back, they were both breathing heavily.

“Now, just so you know which Santini is really interested.”

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  1. Such torture… Waiting until May will be torture… The Santini men sound so Yummy!!!

  2. Can’t wait!! Just from that little snippet I can tell I’m gonna love reading about him!

  3. Are you sure you dont have a spare to send to New Zealand. Really looking forward to May. Thanks

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