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Friday Fireworks Blog Hunt

UPDATE: The Friday Fireworks is still going on! But, my individual winner is: HC Harju! You won a copy of Infatuation and the dog tags. Please email me at! Be sure to get your answers into Heather for the Firework Hunt!

Hey, everyone. Today is the day of the Friday Fireworks blog hop!!! I am so excited that Heather allowed me to be a member of such a great group of authors. Look at this list:


This time of year is big in the Schroeder household, and it was growing up. Being a military brat, this was the beginning of a few events that shaped my summers. Memorial Day of course started it all off, and my Dad always had a 4th of July party at the house. Where my folks lived in Texas was in perfect viewing spot to see the base fireworks. So, it worked out without the fuss. But the one thing I always loved was Open House. I am not sure if it happened in the summer all the time, but I remember Open House at Sheppard as one of the best times. At that time, there weren’t vendors brought in. Instead, they had every squadron working their own booth and allowing them to have their own choice food. We always had Italian food, yeah surprise there, but I loved wandering the food booth area trying all the different types of food. I grew up in an international community as an Air Force brat, much like my heroine in Possession: A Little Harmless Military Romance, Samantha, and my next heroine, Amanada, also grew up as a brat in the Army.

I think growing up that way gives you a different sense of the world. It can be tough and let’s be honest, it sucks sometimes, but there is a particular privilege to it also. After I realized that Amanda was also a military brat, it made think about how much I had in common with both women. Completely different personalities for both of them, and neither are really like me. Still, the three of us have that connection of a childhood that only those of us who grew up in it understand.
But I am I digressing as usual, lol.

So, back to the chubby girl’s dream of trying all the different foods. I think that it was one of the best memories of a base coming together. You had an area with a lot of more traditional ethnic (at the time, remember, this was the 70’s and 80’s, and in the middle of nowhere TX where Pizza Hut was ethnic for some people) like Italian and TexMex, but then you also had a corner where a lot of the Asian spouses cooked up the best food. It was was where I had my first taste of lumpia and seaweed (before it was fashionable in the rest of the US).

Oh, and there were planes and crap there, lol. Yeah, I did mention I was chubby, right? Ha! Anyway, I did love it, and every time I think of it, I get warm fuzzies. Not just because of the food, but it was the true meaning of military community. Different cultures, religions, ethnic backgrounds, but we all sort of make up a family. One I am proud of to this day.

Okay, so I have rules for the blog hop, AND I have rules for a prize I am giving away.  Let’s do the blog hop rules because that is the big SHINY FIRE.

10 Authors. 10 Questions. 10 Easy Answers.
You will go from blog to blog gathering questions about each author. There will be a
hint and a link that will lead you to the answer.

In order to be entered to win the big prize, a Kindle Fire, you will need to send your
answers to Brandy at SUBJECT: Friday Fireworks

You must include all 10 questions with answers.

Winner of the big prize will be drawn and announced on Heather Long’s blog. Any
prizes offered individually on the author’s page will be taken care of by that author.

And here is my question:

Melissa Schroeder: What is the name of Delilah’s fan driven on going free read?
(Hint: Check out her ‘extras’ at )
And now for my prize. A SIGNED print copy of Infatuation and the coveted dog tags for Infatuation, Possession AND Surrender! Just answer this easy question in the comments:
What is your favorite summertime memory?  I will pull a name SUNDAY at 8 pm EASTERN US TIME!!! So get your answers in. That is on THIS blog, but make sure you hop around and get your name in the pot for that FIRE. I LOVE MINE.


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  1. My favorite memory is the BBQs. All of the family gets together, drink beer, eat, and of course our 4 square face off. Whew! It can get downright brutal. A few scrapes and bruises are to be had.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  2. Throughout my teen years my whole family would gather together every sunday during the summer and have a big potluck picnic. On sundays the local beach/park had a classic car show and oldies music. So after eating all the delicious food and feeling close to the family, we would wander around looking at the beautifully preserved cars and then we’d take a dip in the cool lake. They are memories I will always cherish.

  3. My favorite is the whole family camping trips. We had aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends altogether for a weekend. It was my gran’s favorite part of the year. We camped, swam, boated, and ate tons of food. I miss those trips now that we’ve grown and gone our separate ways.

  4. Like Patricia, we camp. We are actually packing for the annual Memorial Day weekend camping trip right now…and I hope I got enough bug juice!

  5. My favorite summer time memory is waking up early getting my best friend and spending the day bike riding. We road all over town and always stopped at Huck’s and bought a candy bar and coke. We never had soda around the house so it was always a big deal to have one.

  6. My favorite summertime memory is from back when I was around 10 years old. Back then my family and I lived in Africa (for my Dad’s job) and all the families from the company he worked for would rent a boat and we’d sail out to one of the many abandoned islands to BBQ and just have fun and dodge washed up jellyfish. It was like a really decadent fairytale now that I think back on it. Now that my Dad is recently deceased, any memory I have where we were together as a family is a favorite one of mine.

  7. My favorite summer time memory is when we moved into our house. My parents and I had lived in apartments for about 12 years and they scrimped and saved to buy land and build a house. It was an exciting summer for the whole family.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  8. My birthday of course. My birthday is in June and to me it signals summer. Also I grew up on the beach so summer meant splashing in the waves with my friends cousins and siblings.

  9. My Favorite Memory is sitting out on the porch with my mother and reading to her from the bible. My Mom couldn’t read so i loved to sit with her and read to her it was a great bonding experience. While My dad grilled out and water balloon fights. I miss her alot.

  10. My favorite Summer memory is the BBQ’s days. My family likes to go on all day barbecue trips at different places. A park here, a lake there, a forest trail. It was beautiful and so calming. Plus the GOOD food. I have such fond memories and can even remember the smell.


  11. Every summer my family goes up to our cabin in the deep dark woods of northern NH. What started out as a hunting/fishing cabin for my great Grandfather & his brothers in the 1930’s has grown into the vacation spot for the entire family it is today.My children are the 5th generation of the family to enjoy it.There is nothing in the world like looking forward to our little cabin in the woods, on the side of a mountain, with no cars or people around for miles!
    Kleah921 at gmail dot com

  12. My favorite summertime memory is celebrating my son’s graduation from college with a family and friends cook out. We had hammburgers and brats, watermelon, canteloupe, chips, baked beans. The weather was great and almost everyone we invited was able to make it. Some are now gone, so those memories are very precious.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  13. My favorite memory is every 4th of July we would gather everything up for a picnic and load the coolers and head to the lake and spend the day at the lake and the watch the fireworks that night…

  14. Favorite summer time memories? Coming back from the library with a big stack of books and having talked my sibs into letting me add to their cards after maxing out on mine… plopping down in the sunny patch on the landing at the top of the stairs leading into the house and starting right in! My mom hated tripping over me there and would always yell at me to move 🙂

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  15. A favorite memory is going to the beach with my family.


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