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Smashword Pull

Hey, everyone. I will no longer list my books with Smashwords. A few months back, they became the “champion” of the erotic romance authors because the owner stood up to big bad meanie Paypal. Here’s the thing. Coker was ready to throw us under the bus until he realized it was going to help him this way. He told people he was embarrassed by what was carried on his site. Oh, he didn’t mind taking that money, but he was EMBARRASSED.
So, this week, I am told that A Little Harmless Submission, a book that has been on smashwords before now, could not be distributed because of the cover. When I emailed this morning about it, I was told it violated TOS violations and they pulled the book completely. Okay, so they are nude, but you can’t se anything and this is the cover:

This is not a sex act. You can’t see anything. But here are some of the covers they do have. I am listing links because truthfully, I won’t allow them on my blog. THESE books were okay to sell there. Mine was not.
First, let’s talk about the titles that have fuck in their titles. THAT is allowed: 
These are the covers they allow
What does this mean to my readers? If you are a KOBO or SONY reader, I suggest you go to my page at ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS and buy from them. I apologize for this, but I can’t work with a company like this that has double standards and ARe is an INDY source. 


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13 Comments on “Smashword Pull

  1. Are you kidding me? That is ridiculous! Not only are the other covers more graphic, but they have a problem with your books but carry books with bestiality and incest? Now those I could see being embarrassed about carrying. I definitely will purchase from other sites.

  2. Wow and he thinks your cover is bad (not). Maybe he just hasn’t seen those other disturbing covers you listed. But you know its amazing what people can justify to themselves when it gets them what they want. He’s an a$* and there’s probably some other reason for this and he doesn’t gave the ba#*’s to put it out there. I live your covers and I commend that you will be pulling your books. Have a great weekend.

  3. For real? Thats a load of Bull Sh*!. Done buying ebooks there. I cna’t support a site that does NOT support one of my fav authors!
    Good for you for standing up for yourself and your totally HOT covers!

  4. They are fine with covers and books that objectify women, but put her in an equal, passionate relationship? Nope, not ok.

    Oh, and apparently, there is an “adult” filter that automatically kicks in when you go. I went to search for something and couldn’t find it. It was there, just hidden behind the filter. And it took me (a web developer) 5 minutes to find the dang filter to switch it.

    No thanks. I’ll pick up my books elsewhere.

  5. Seriously???? I think that cover is HOT and part of why I’d buy the book. You can’t see anything and you have to use your imagination.
    Proud of you for standing up for what you believe. We will buy your books elsewhere.

  6. Um… that third cover has a girl wearing a Catholic nun’s habit (sort of) and she’s fingering herself. How on earth is that less graphic than two people who aren’t showing anything and aren’t engaging in any actual sex acts? Smashwords, you just lost another customer.

  7. I can’t understand them at all. The language used on those covers you posted was really bad and the topics even worse.
    The erotica covers had a lot more revealing than your did.
    I’m now rethinking about possibly going with them. Makes me thing it is only a matter of time before they flip totally again.

  8. The hypocrisy is astonishing. [facepalm]
    One might think that Smashwords founder is about to run for political office.

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