Sneak Peek: A Little Harmless Fascination - Melissa Schroeder

Sneak Peek: A Little Harmless Fascination

We are closing in on the release date for A Little Harmless Fascination. I am really excited about this book, and about the one after that, Possession. Okay, I am always excited about new releases, but this will kick off three or four HARMLESS releases in a row. That of course, depends on the move in a couple of weeks. I hope to be able to put four out, but you know, even a move ten minutes away is bound to be a PITA.

But I digress as usual. Coming up is A Little Harmless Fascination. I do not have an exact date because I just want to put it out when it is done. I guess if y’all want a date, I can give you one, but then I would have to shove it back a couple of weeks. I figured y’all wanted it asap!

Writing Fascination brought back some old characters, including one newer one. Anna and Max make an appearance, Danny Aiona gets more air time–as he is a very flirtatious 21 year old who likes much older women, and our friend Eli St John, hero of the upcoming A Little Harmless Ride, has a very brief appearance. He is on the prowl at Rough ‘n Ready of course, lol. There are also a couple of bisexual bikers who live in a house close to Jillian and they just might have to have their own book. They’re ex-special forces on top it, so yum.

One thing that I liked about this one is I did it mainly as a pantzer. I am back to my old ways completely and loving it. I have a structure of the book, I now how the bad guy is, but I just let the relationship develop naturally. I hope y’all like it.

Here is a tidbit that isn’t edited, so any and all mistakes are mine:

coming soon
(c) 2012 Melissa Schroeder
“How about a tattoo?” she asked pulling him out of his thoughts.
He choked on the drink of coffee he just took. The warm liquid shot up his nose and he winced. She handed him a napkin.
“What?” he asked.
She smiled and nodded to a tent on the other side of him.
“It’s just henna. Don’t look scared.”
“I’m not scared. I’m just not into tattoos on me.”
She pulled her glasses down on her nose so she could look over the top of them. “What about on other people?”
He could tell from the sparkle in her eyes that she was fucking with him. He looked down her arms at a sleeve of tattoos that must have taken hours to get. “Depends on the person. I especially like yours.”
“Yeah. That and your belly button ring.”
Her lips curved as she pushed the glasses back up and turned to walk away. The woman moved like a freaking temptress. He knew it was innate to her like breathing. She didn’t do it on purpose. It didn’t mean he could ignore it. His hands itched to touch, to tease, to spank.  That full ass swinging in her barely there shorts…he was sure the lack of blood in his brain wasn’t good for his health.
He caught up to her. “So, is your belly the only place you’re pierce?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”
He slipped his hand around her upper arm and gently tugged her to the side of a tent at the end of one of the rows out of the pedestrian traffic. It was heating up, the air stifled by the arrangements of the vendors, and the humidity was rising by the minute. The scent of her filled his senses.
“Yeah, I kind of do want to know where else you’re pierced.”
She smiled up at him and he could tell she was going to brush him off. The Dom in him was already beating his way out. He had lain dormant for months but with Jillian around, those dominant tendencies were surfacing again.
She patted his cheek. “I only share that with intimate friends.”
Jillian turned to leave but he grabbed her arm again.
“Don’t mess with me, Jillian. I don’t like it, not that way.”
Her eyes narrowed as she looked down at his hand on her upper arm.
“If you’re not interested, just say leave me the fuck alone, Conner.”
He waited, holding his breath. He hadn’t meant to challenge her, hadn’t known this was so important right now. It was. More than he had ever expected, it was beyond that now. Why this woman, right now, he had no idea. But the need he had building in him was starting to take over any sane thought he had. He knew right now if he didn’t have her soon, there was a good chance he might just go a little insane. If she said to fuck off, he would be screwed.
When she didn’t say anything, Conner let loose the breath and nodded. “Good, then we understand each other. Just know that when I ask you that question again, I will expect an answer.”


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