Possession Music - Melissa Schroeder

Possession Music

If you follow the blog, or my crazy ramblings, you know that music is a huge part of my writing. I have a soundtrack for every book I write. Possession is of course no different. There are a always a few songs on every soundtrack the same. But there are usually one or two that speak to me about a book. For Possession, it is this song. Deke and Samantha have had a bumpy road. Divorce didn’t dampen their need or their love. There is a reason neither of them seem to be able to move on. 
Now, they are in a different place. Things have changed and have thrown them together permanently and our hero Deke doesn’t want to give her up. He gave up being on an active Seal Team to work at a planning job in Hawaii because she’s there. This time, he isn’t giving up and the second I heard this song, I knew it was his. Jason  Mraz is a special favorite of mine.  I also love the progression of his talent. The new album is fantastic and a lot of the songs are on my soundtrack and I know that this one in particular will be in soundtracks for years to come. But I Won’t Give Up is Deke down to his dog tags. He has decided this time he will not give up. This time, Samantha and he are staying together.
Is there any sexier than a military man on a mission to win a woman’s heart? I hope you enjoy;)


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