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A Little Harmless Submission: Interview with Rome Carino

Hey, everyone! I thought I would let you get to know Rome Carino, our hero of A Little Harmless Submission a little better by conducting an interview. I was lucky enough to spend some time in Hawaii this year so I could get to know Harmless Addicts favorite HPD detective just a little bit better.

I met him at the Tropics Grill and Bar at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It is late afternoon and a nice little breeze is coming off the Pacific. We can see one of my favorite scenes in Waikiki, and one of THE BEST POOLS, the Hilton’s Super Pool. This was the first place we stayed when we moved over to Hawaii in 2001. I love it, and always walk through it every chance I get.

We pick a table that overlooks the sidewalk and enjoy a happy hour drink. Our man Rome drinks scotch, straight up normally, but he is on call so he goes for a soda. Me, I have a Lava Flow of course. Rome is a big man. He is built a bit like a linebacker, which makes sense because he was a Marine. Even in the casual outfit of a Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts (and he has some beautiful legs, ladies) he looks like he is on the job. There is nothing casual or laid back about our Romeo.

MEL: So, you’ve lived here for a couple of years. Why did you move here?

ROME: I liked living in Seattle, but I felt I needed something new, a fresh start. HPD is always looking for good officers, and it was a pay raise.

MEL: What is your favorite thing about living here?

ROME: It took me awhile to get used to the weather. I grew up in Seattle so I was used to rain and cooler temps. But, about eighteen months into my time here, I had to go back to see family. I thought I was going to freeze to death.  There’s more though. The scenery is beyond anything I imagined. The one thing that I think draws me more than that is the sense of Ohana here, family. Even though I live over here, I am very close to my family. And people take care of each other here.

MEL: And, now you are settled down with Maria.

Rome is a gorgeous man, but when he smiles, he’s devastating. It is easy to see how Maria fell for him so easily.

ROME: Yes. Happily.

MEL: And the wedding?

Rome grimaces and of course looks even more appealing.

ROME: In May. I wanted sooner, but getting my family here is going to be a pain.

MEL: With your job, how do you work that with your relationship? Marriage is hard, but I know from experience, that a job can really affect the marriage especially in careers like yours.

ROME: It helps a little that Maria was an FBI agent, that her father was one too. She understands that sometimes the job will come first. Not that it is more important, but the job at times will interfere with plans. Maria said as long as it didn’t interfere with the wedding of honeymoon, I was in the clear.

MEL: You’re both members at Rough ‘n Ready. Do you play publicly?

ROME: Naw. It has never been my thing really. I do like being a member, being around people who live the life. So many people look at us as if we are less than normal. Just because we are into BDSM doesn’t mean we are any different than a couple who would role play or even those who do no extracurricular activities in the bedroom. We all have jobs, families, and friends.

I want to ask him more about that and Maria’s new adventure in writing but his phone rings. He looks at the number and grimaces.

ROME: Sorry, but duty calls.

I thank him for the time and watch him leave. I mean, he is a beautiful man.  And as I sip the last of my lava flow and watch the tourists enjoy the last hours of the sun for the day, I can accept that Maria is one very lucky woman.


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  1. I have a question for Rome. I want to know if he’s gotten used to his friends treating him like family. He seemed a little perplexed that they would keep including him in things.

    Good luck on the call Rome. Hope it wasn’t a bad one.

  2. Rome here. I have to say it’s hard to deal with two smug bastards like Evan and Micah, but I understand the way they feel now. There is nothing like finding the one for you, and now that I have Maria, I truly know how they feel.
    I will say though, I don’t throw out advice to people who don’t want it. Evan and Micah are good at that.

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