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Savannah and beyond

Well, we had a heck of a weekend, let me tell you! We survived a trip down a dead end street with a speed bump, a possible crime in progress, and a dinner cruise with a singer that was worse than Jon Lovitz in The Wedding Singer.

I wanted to share some pics with you from the trip. But I also wanted to share some stuff rom our time down at the Civil Rights Memorial here in Montgomery. Joy missed her train on Monday, so we got to spend more time together, yay!

Talmage Memorial Bridge

Very haunted bar.

Waving Girl Statue in Savannah

Fort Sumter
Kris Cook being silly at the Waving Girl Statue

Random street on our trolly tour
Kris and Joy in the Visitor’s Center

Ali and Joy on the Dinner Cruise from HELL
Front of the Civil Rights Memorial

the top of this has people who died for the cause

Civil Rights Memorial Center 
My girls reading Martin Luther King’s quote.


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