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Winners: Interview with Kade

Mel’s on Hellcation and I realized winners haven’t been drawn from the interview with Kade. Does this help? What? No? But look at those abs and umm those things on his sides that make you want to look at his zipper cause they send you that way. Okay fine here are the winners. elaing8 Amanda […]

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Character Interview: Kade and a giveaway

Hi, everyone! I wanted to let y’all get to know our first military hero, Francis McKade. I met up with him in Virginia Beach close to where he is stationed at a place called The Side Street Catina and Taco Shack. After ordering a couple of  Side Street Ritas, we got down to business.It’s on […]

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A Little Harmless Submission: Interview with Rome Carino

Hey, everyone! I thought I would let you get to know Rome Carino, our hero of A Little Harmless Submission a little better by conducting an interview. I was lucky enough to spend some time in Hawaii this year so I could get to know Harmless Addicts favorite HPD detective just a little bit better. […]

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Meet Drew and Sean

Wanna meet the two Marine heroes from Sex on the Beach??? Brandy has an interview on her blog today and she has a contest going with Strandbucks. Go to her BLOG for all the info!

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