Character Interview: Kade and a giveaway - Melissa Schroeder

Character Interview: Kade and a giveaway

Hi, everyone! I wanted to let y’all get to know our first military hero, Francis McKade. I met up with him in Virginia Beach close to where he is stationed at a place called The Side Street Catina and Taco Shack. After ordering a couple of  Side Street Ritas, we got down to business.
It’s on the waterfront and it is a bit deserted. November isn’t a big tourist time in Virginia Beach but I like it.

MEL: Thanks for taking the time out of your training schedule. I know you don’t get much time off.

KADE: We just got back from a mission so I’ve got some free time.

MEL: Oh, with time off, I thought you would be in New Orleans.

The smile he gives me is slow and deadly.

KADE: She’s on her way here. I’m taking a week off. Shannon and I are going to take some time alone, no work, no family.

MEL: Must be hard having a long distance relationship.

He nodded as the waitress set out Ritas in front of us.

KADE: Being a military wife you know how that is.

MEL: Yes, but you’re job is a little different than my husband’s. You can be called away with little notice.

KADE: It is one of the worst things about this job, but I love it.

MEL: What made you want to be a Seal? Did you go into the Navy with the thought that you would be a Seal?

Kade nods and takes a sip of his drink.

KADE: My folks weren’t happy with me. They wanted me to go to college, but I didn’t want that. I entered the Navy when I was seventeen.

MEL: Wow. Seventeen.

KADE: Yeah, I graduated a year early, so I could go. Folks wanted me to at least try college, but I knew what I wanted. Their both scientists and highly educated, so I kind of understand.

MEL: And even with the rigorous training you wanted to become a Seal?

KADE: Yep.

MEL: Nothing like a talkative military man.

His lips curved again but he said nothing.

MEL: So, Shannon, what is it about her that draws you to her?

If he was deadly before, he was devastating now.

KADE: I deal with some real sh…uh, excuse me.

I laugh.
MEL: I’m a military wife and former brat, you won’t shock me.

KADE: Well, life for us, for what we have to do, it is pretty bad. We see some horrific things in our line of work. Shannon takes such joy in every day things.  Being with her reminds me that not everything is as bad as the things I see when I am on a mission. They say it is best to have a center, someone who will give you a dose of normal when you’re back. And, you need a compass, someone who can help you make it back to reality. Shannon does that for me. And, well, she doesn’t put up with my crap. Oh, and of course, because she’s built like a 1950’s movie star. She is sexy and knows it, and that makes her irresistible to me.

His phone vibrates on the table and he smiles.

KADE: Excuse me. He clicks the phone on. Hey, babe. Oh, okay. I’m just finishing up with Mel. He laughs. No, she isn’t staying so you’ll just have to put up with my cooking. Okay, love ya, bye.
He clicks the phone off. Shannon’s going to be at my house soon, so I gotta get going.

MEL: No problem. Thanks for taking the time to meet with me.

He leaves a few minutes later and I sit to watch the few people lingering around the waterfront knowing that at least one Seal is going to have a very happy homecoming tonight.


Want a chance at a bag of Harmless swag? Ask Kade a question or comment by WED(Nov 16th) NOON (central us time) and your name goes into the pot. I will be drawing three names and this includes the coveted Francis McKade dog tags!


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23 Comments on “Character Interview: Kade and a giveaway

  1. Great interview. Shannon is a lucky woman.

    My question for Kade is . . .

    If your parents had pushed the college issue & you went, what would you have studied?

    Thanks for the giveaway Melissa. 🙂

  2. My question is: You said Shannon had to put up with your cooking. What is your favorite dish to prepare? What is your favorite food to eat if you could chose anything? and lastly….
    Which packet of dehydrated rations are most palatable?

  3. Tiana,
    Kade here. I think so. They were recruited by the military to work but its not my thing. They immigrated from Australia to come work here when I was five, and I wanted to give something back to my adopted country. With my skills and interest, the military was a good fit for me.

  4. Hockey Vampiress,
    First, you have to understand, other than pancakes, Shannon is the one Dupree who cannot cook. It is bad, really bad. I mean, food poisoning bad, so we don’t let her cook. My favorite thing to good is lasagna. and one of my favs to eat also.
    As for MREs, I don’t think any of them are good, but if I had to pick I would go with the macaroni and beef. Most of the time when I am eating them, I don’t notice them though. It is more of a fuel intake and nothing else.

  5. My questions for Kade: What was the reaction for Mal when you first got together with Shannon? I know big brothers are protective… And being how Chris was with Jocelyn… Family means everything to the Duprees…

  6. Kade and Melissa I just want to say thank you for your sacrifices on our behalf. Kade for willingly putting your life on the line for us everyday and Mel for being a supportive military wife.

  7. Great interview!

    My question is: how long do you think you’ll keep the long distance thing going with Shannon? Do you have plans to move to NOLA or her to Virginia Beach?

    Also, what are your plans once you decide to retire as a SEAL? Stay on as an instructor? ??

  8. Congratulations on the new release. What a great interview.
    As an ex army brat myself my question to Kade is…
    Do you find yourself telling Shannon things you are not supposed to talk about (like mission details) because you trust her not to talk to others about them?

  9. Hey Kade, loved reading your story and seeing as it shows Shannon as a strong woman I just wanted to know what is scarier, the wrath of the woman you love or the comeuppance from the Dupree brothers should you break her heart?

  10. Oh I enjoyed reading the interview… it is fun seeing a charcter outside of their story… show us a bit about themselves.

  11. Kog,
    I owe another four years right now. Then we will have to decide. Shannon has been making noises about leaving Simon in charge more, but it’s still in the planning stages at the moment. She is someone who could not just sit around with nothing to do while I am gone.
    I’ve thought about and instructor assignment, but that would be a few more years off. Deke just actually left the group to go teach, so I am sure he’ll be able to tell me what it’s like.

  12. Ilona,
    No, I don’t have a problem with that. There are things I can tell her to a point, but by the time I know my assignment, I am usually up in the air or on a ship somewhere. I have no problem with understanding the classified part of my job and Shannon is a Seal’s sister, so she doesn’t ask about that stuff.

  13. Dobsew,
    Definitely the woman. Of course, with Shannon, when I hurt her, I hurt myself because I can’t stand seeing her upset. But, Shannon is much meaner than her brothers. Don’t tell her I said that, though.

  14. Lol love the title. You had a great interview, thanks for sharing. I look forward for more of your books. My kinda gender bits of this and that. I am a new follower. I am a writer and I learn from my books I read and from school,in college, I have MS and I am 42,my boys are grown so it’s my time now. And my time to write while I still can, and able to think well. I love to read and write. Ever need a beta reader let me know. Thank you for your time.
    Anaitorres87 at yahoo.

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