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They have nothing to lose…except the one gift they never expected to find.
Ilana escaped a life of sex slavery, using her extraordinary beauty to survive among the few remaining wealthy humans in London. But she has higher aspirations. For two years she has haunted the BDSM dungeons of the Midnight Playground, hungering for The Turning Kiss—that deep drink that will make her one of them. An immortal vampire.
Turned out onto the streets of Edinburgh as a child, Calam’s tortured path led him to a job at the club, where he also engages in exotic and dangerous sex play with its clientele. Craving, like Ilana, the eternal escape of the Turning Kiss.
Ilana is undeniably drawn to the beautiful Scotsman, but she has no time to waste; the club takes no one over thirty. When a sinfully compelling vampire pair brings them together for an unusual foursome, she and Calam are shocked to discover it isn’t the vampires they crave, it’s the tenderness and emotion they feel for each other.
After years of seeking to feel something, anything, other than the pain of the past, the ultimate gift is within Ilana’s reach. Yet the cost—leaving her heart behind with a mortal—could be more than she can bear.
Konstantine held a curtain aside, and Luka led Ilana into one of the larger alcoved rooms. In the center was a bed large enough to fit a number of people and covered in dark red velvet. The vampires adored luxurious surroundings. So did she. But she would have been every bit as aroused with this gorgeous pair in the slums.
“But you are here,” Konstantine said, reading her thoughts. He ran a fingertip along her jaw line, down the side of her neck. Immediately, her body was covered in goose flesh. In need. “You are here, with us. Our plaything for the evening. If you please us, we may take you upstairs to the dungeon, which I know you enjoy. Yes?”
“We are new to the London club,” Konstantine told her. “We arrived just last night from Moscow. Our friend, Ever, told us all about you. You know of him?”
She nodded. “Yes. He is one of the owners of the club. I’ve seen him once or twice in the dungeons, but from afar. May I…ask what he told you about me?”
She didn’t need to know. But she loved the tone of Konstantine’s deep voice. She always loved listening to the vampires speak. There was something rich about their voices. Unique. Their voices were as ethereally gorgeous as the rest of them.
“He told us you enjoy the same darker play we do. In the dungeons. That you love the kiss of the paddle. The sting of the whip. We would have seen that in you, anyway, of course. He thought you might be a good match for us. That your coolness would please me. The better to break you down.”  He smiled, his grin wicked. “But he also spoke of something deeper in you.  He was right, as he always is.”
She smiled, and he smiled back, his eyeteeth catching the dim amber light from the sconces on the wall. She could see in his ancient gaze his desire for her. Desire and the shadows the older vampires so often carried.
“But,” Luka interjected, “with a human, you could top beautifully, I think.” He stroked her hair. It felt as if he was touching her skin, all over, all at once. Desire pooled between her thighs. “I can see you wielding the whip yourself. You are so cool. So controlled. So elegant. Would you enjoy that, Ilana?”
“I will do what you like. For your pleasure. For my own.”
She was giving them nothing other than what she wanted. Submitting to these two creatures was only fulfilling the fantasies she’d had since she’d first heard about the vampire clubs.
“I would like very much to see that,” Konstantine said, moving in closer. “I would like to see our little ice queen command another human. But after we have conquered her coldness ourselves.” His hands went around her waist and he pulled her into his hard body.
They felt as if they were carved from granite, the vampires. Velvet-soft skin over solid stone.  When she pressed into his flesh, her hips arching into his, it gave way only the tiniest bit. As Luka pressed in behind her, she felt the rigid shaft of his erect cock against the small of her back. He was hard, harder than any human male could possibly be. And yet, there was some give there. His flesh was not yet as ancient as Konstantine’s. She loved the contrast of the two of them. Their bodies. Konstantine’s thoroughly masculine face that was all raw edges and Luka’s softer features. Konstantine’s pale, pale skin and Luka’s that lovely gold.
Their hands were everywhere, smoothing over her skin—her shoulders, her arms, her hips and thighs. She was heating up inside, her body responding, beginning to drown in sensation already.
It was only in these moment that she truly felt alive. Felt anything. The extreme and hard-edged pleasure of vampire flesh. But what she really required in order to feel, to open up, was the harder play. The whip, as they had mentioned. Spanking. Bondage. Being commanded into submission, which was the only place she felt safe enough to let go.
She shuddered, need pulsing between her thighs, in her aching breasts.
“We’re going to undress you now,” Luka whispered into her hair.
For my giveaway I’d like to offer a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card plus a prize package of my e-books WINTER SOLSTICE,  SUMMER SOLSTICE and TEMPT ME TWICE. For people to enter, my question is: 
How do you like to see a ménage story done? Bi- ménage or girl in the middle? And do you need a happily-ever-after for all three, or is it okay if things end with a primary couple and the third person going their own way?


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  1. I love reading menages! I like mine mostly m/f/m or more. lol I will read some m/m/f but I haven’t read a M/F/F.

  2. Hello Eden!

    Personally I prefer to read m/m/f menages. I think it raises the heat of the scenes tenfold. I wouldn’t say m/f/m menages are vanilla though. I think any combination is interesting. I do hope all three people get a HEA. I don’t like to see anyone left out. The more the merrier. LOL

    User1123 AT comcast DOT net

  3. My preference is a bi-menage with an HEA for all three!

    Love your Midnight Playground Books!!

    susanmik AT gmail DOT com

  4. I think it depends on the story line. Personally, I like male/female/male. But, why does it have to be one way or the other? Why can’t there be a couple who adds in a male or a female depending on what they feel like at that moment? I think what attracts me to thes stories is the escapism… For the characters and for the readers.

  5. Yeah for Eden/Eve! I followed you from Smutketeers. I’m not a stalker – promise!

    What a great prize!

    Good questions about menage. I like m/f/m menage because I like to imagine my self in the middle of the sandwich /blush. I love a HEA for all, so I love it when they all end up together.

    Having said that – I adored “The Lovers” which featured f/m/f menage and had a HEA with 2 of 3. And it was perfect.

  6. I love menage storylines. My favorites are m/f/m, and m/m/f.

    I usually prefer a HEA, but have learned that a HFN can be just as satisfying.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  7. I enjoy all menages. the only thing I don’t enjoy is more than one women. I can’t seem to get into reading that. Give me two men and a woman in any configuration and I am happy.I love happy ever after for all three together.

  8. I lean more towards M/F/M. If they all get a happily ever after that is great… I enjoy seeing the main couple’s relationship grow, but I want to see the third have their HEA also!

  9. I like menage stories.I’ve read m/f/m, m/f/f but I like m/m/f the best.I do prefer a HEA for all three characters.

  10. Eden! Mel! So good to visit! I have so been savoring your books! I do have TURNING POINT and so must make it very soon to read! But have others yet to get of yours which is cool to look forward to! Reading the blurb and the peek of the book making me put that up next to read! I love reading the menage with the woman in the middle! I guess I love when they get alot of the attention, smile! But I love to read a variety but that one’s my favorite to read!

  11. I like any grouping of a menage. I just enjoy reading about the intensity of their relationship. And yes, I must have a happy ending. If you’re going to invest so much energy into a believable menage relationship it better end with all of them happy together.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  12. I like both m/f/m and m/m/f…BUT I prefer the happily ever after for two…Not that I wouldn’t read or praise a happily ever after for all three.

  13. *Very* interesting how many of you like m/f/m, since it seems that bi-menage sells the most. Hmm…may have to rethink some of my upcoming books.
    Amy-my book The Lovers (out in print or e-formats) is m/f/f. Or actually, f/f/m…*G* That was really fascinating to explore.
    I do like a HEA for at least two, and sometimes all three, but I find I can generally accept a poly relationship much more easily when it’s my vampires, or the relationship in my post-apocalyptic, The Breeder. I think it’s hard to make that kind of long-term relationship work, although certainly not impossible-and I’m working on one right now. But it’s easier for me to work that into an alternate universe setting.
    Thanks to everyone for stopping by! I’ll be around if anyone has questions-I’m a West Coast-er, so I’m up late. 🙂

  14. I pretty much like any combination but more than one female is my least favorite. As long as I can get wrapped up in the story, it really doesn’t matter what the combination is. I’m fine if all the character’s don’t have a HEA if it fits the story.

  15. Must have happily ever after always. I prefer MMF menages, but I’m a big fan of MM erotica as well.

    But still it’s all about the characters, if I’m not feeling them then I don’t care how hot the scenes are..

    Probably why I’ve loved every one of Melissa’s books that I’ve read.


  16. Melissa does have a way with characters. 🙂
    Character development is one of my favorite parts about being a writer, and that’s where I always start. Tonight I’m starting on my next Berkley novel (an Eve Berlin book), Temptation’s Edge. I dread starting to write a new book-that 1st chapter is always hard!-but right now I’m in that lovely dream-space where I get into the character’s heads, begin to ask them questions. I need to know their family and relationship history, what kind of cars they drive, if they wear jewelry, what they like to eat and drink, their hobbies-these little details don’t always end up on the page but it tells *me* so much about the kind of people they are-I love it!

  17. I like all menages, but I do find m/m/f very sexy. And I love for all three to have happily ever afters.

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  18. I prefer m/f/m, mostly for the idea that the heroine gets to enjoy the full attentions of two partners, but will read either. And I tend to prefer an HEA for a couple, with the other person getting an HEA in a future story. More to read 🙂

  19. I definitely like the woman to the main part of the menage.

    It really depends on the story whether the it ends with all three of them or whether one walks away

  20. i like a hea for all three together. i prefer m/f/m or m/m/f
    not interested in f/f scenes they tend to bore me

    deslauree3 at aol dot com

  21. I like my menage to make sense. One of my favorites is Lauren Dane’s book Laid Bare. It clearly starts out M/F/M but slowly changes to M/M/F. The gradual progression really made sense. However, I sort of figure if two men are going to menage, they are going to touch each other. That being said, the 2 brothers with one woman kind of yucks me out!

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