ATH: Nina Pierce - Melissa Schroeder

ATH: Nina Pierce

Next up is Nina Pierce. I love the opposites attract books.  I LOVE contemporary as many of you know and this is definitely on my TBR pile. I also share a love of the state of Maine. I fell in love with it last summer and I still have a super lusty crush on it.
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He’s a shock jock looking to reform. She’s an accountant hoping to cut loose. Can love open their eyes to forever?
Uptight CPA and oldest sister, JULIE TILLING, is the glue that binds her family. Everyone depends on her to do the right thing. When her friend from high school dies and Julie is the only one who believes he didn’t commit suicide, she takes it upon herself to investigate his death.

DAMON COREY didn’t come to Maine to become a shock jock. But when his dream career of becoming a concert pianist seems unobtainable, the radio station’s offer is too good to pass up. When mysterious brunette Jewel, hooks up with him at the night club run by a college frat brother, their one night fling wraps around his heart and makes him believe in love at first sight.

But can Damon expose his inner soul without pushing Julie away or will his enigmatic shock jock persona become Julie’s sexual undoing and reveal him as the missing piece that solves the puzzling questions surrounding her friend’s death?

“You ever ride a motorcycle, Julie?”
She pulled off the helmet and fluffed her hair. The corkscrew curls of copper fit her cute features much better than the black wig that had overpowered them.
“Not one this fast,”
He bit back a smile. “No, I meant any motorcycle.”
“Was it that obvious?” Color rose from her chest and deepened her already flushed cheeks.
“I like to be a woman’s first.” Shit. Even clean shaven and wearing his glasses, Demon’s persona had a bad habit of popping up at inopportune moments.
Julie stopped contemplating her toes and stared straight at him. Emotions moved over her face and clouded her eyes, but he didn’t know her well enough to read between the lines. He’d just met this wonderful woman. He hadn’t intended to scare her off.
“Julie, I—”
“No, Damon. You don’t have to apologize. I get it.”
He hadn’t thought her cheeks could become redder, but he was wrong.
“You have a lot of women available to you,” she said, quietly. “I’m sure they’re much more experienced than me.” She shrugged and fiddled with the strap of the helmet. “I’m sure you realize I don’t usually let go the way I did last night. And I know you weren’t really expecting the person you found at the family homestead?” She emphasized the last two words as if they were obscenities. “The Jewel of last night was more your speed. I get that.”
Oh, hell no. “No, Julie, I—”
Her hand flew up between them. “No, Damon, seriously, you don’t owe me anything. Obviously my father dragged you into an uncomfortable situation. Well, you’ve done your social obligation. I’m home safe and sound. I didn’t mean to disappoint, but I have a hard time living up to everyone’s expectations of who I should be. So, thanks. I get it. Good night.” The helmet landed in his lap.
“No, Julie, really, you don’t understand.” He yelled at her retreating back. “Julie, wait.” Damon attempted to jump from the bike, but the stand wasn’t down, and he had to juggle the extra helmet. “Damn it all to hell. Julie…” He finally managed to extricate himself from the bike and the helmets and caught her just as she pushed open the front door. “Please. I think you’ve misunderstood. Just give me a minute to explain. Then I’ll leave.”
Her arms knotted across her chest for protection. A wounded heart? He’d have to tread carefully. The emerald eyes shimmering in the waning light telegraphed her pain and embarrassment, but her lips were pursed thin with determination. The woman was a walking enigma. Damon suspected she had no idea how damn sexy she looked standing there, inviting him to explain himself—daring him to breach her defenses.

  I loved living in Maine and I thought it was a perfect setting for this series. What’s your favorite spot and do you think it would make a good setting for a book?


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  1. My favorite setting for books is Hawaii and Australia. I’ve never been but have seen both places with the books I’ve read that used it as a setting.

  2. Loved the excerpt – and while I don’t usually (always?) go for “opposites attract”… this one works 😀
    Definitely going to find out more – thanks for sharing!

  3. Lol I was too excited about the excerpt >.< Favorite setting? I like places I've been to, and have an really soft spot for DC.

  4. I love places like Wyoming and Montana, and I’ve loved books set in Maine. I love places like Wyoming and Montana because they are so full of wide open spaces with not a lot of people.

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  5. Hello Nina!
    I went to Italy last fall and fell in love with it. I would choose Venice over Rome for a story setting. Venice was gorgeous and romantic. It is also a great setting for mystery and suspense. Lots of narrow paths that lead to nowhere or drop off into the canal.

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  6. Beautiful cover and great excerpt.
    Another to put on my wish list/gotta have list..
    I’m a die hard northwest girl, and its because of the mountains and the evergreen/pine trees. I couldn’t even relax all the way in Hawaii because missed the northwest…LOL So definitely the northwest, Idaho, Montana, Oregon area.

    Thanks for the contest Nina!



  7. I’ve loved books set in all kinds of places, but recently I found a book set in my small hometown and simply adored that I recognized all the places the characters were going to.

    Thanks for the excerpt looks like another one for the wishlist.


  8. I love the Lake Tahoe area, and think it would be a wonderful setting for a romance story.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  9. Hey! I think my favorite place is Hawaii! But I’m pretty sure someone already wrote a series of books set there 😉 Maui is beautiful!! Other favs are NYC, Tennessee (gotta love the southern hospitality!) and I’m partial to Atlantic City! Thanks! Sounds like a good book!

  10. I don’t have a favorite setting, but I love getting to “visit” places I’ve never been or revisiting places I *have* been to see whether I recognize them through the characters’ eyes. A couple places I love reading about are Australia (on the “to visit” list) and San Francisco (on the “been there” list) 🙂

    I do enjoy opposites attract–I’ll have to snag this one! And I loved Nina’s Healer’s Garden–I love futuristic stories where the setting isn’t one I’ve been either!

  11. This sounds like a great book.
    I like all kinds of settings.Small towns in the US,in the mountains,
    or island settings.

  12. My favorite setting is the wide open countryside of Nebraska. Rugged, yet wholesome, yet cosmopolitan. You get everything here.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  13. Depending on mood, I love books based in exotic locales…other times in a lonely country or mountain location… a place for different moods.

  14. LOVE LOVE the new cover Nina!! Oh I love the settings in New Orleans, I never been there but so love what I read and do want to go there! Then too I love those set in London, Ireland and Scotland! Those I read mostly historical but rarely see any set contemp there. Oh too North Caroline where the lighthouses are! (Can’t think of where that is right now, LOL).

    Oh by the way the link to Facebook didn’t work for you but shall do a search!

  15. Hi Nina 🙂
    Great excerpt, I LOVE the interplay between Julie and Damon.
    I’m a “beach baby” My favorite setting would be a secluded New England (Maine?) beach with the rock jettys etc.

    Mindy 🙂

  16. I like small town stories with there either being a new gal or guy. They of course have to have a secret or some sort of baggage. Where the small town really wouldn’t be important.

  17. I think Blind Love sounds great. As an uptight accountant, I can tell you we are a passionate bunch under the surface!

  18. Sounds like a great read.

    My favourite spot Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. We spent our honeymoon there. And yes, I think you could set a book there!

  19. Hi Nina. Your book sounds great. I love books set in Australia, Scotland, England, Ireland, Greece, Spain and states in the US like Hawaii, Texas, Wyoming, Montana and New Mexico.

  20. Even I live in KC MO now I love the Pacific Northwest more specifically Oregon. The base of Mount Hood and the Oregon Coast especially during storms is just beautiful.
    deslauree3 at aol dot com

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