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Update on Contest

YAY, I am able to get back into blogger! It has been a long few days of me bitching to just about ever poor telephone rep about my internet speed. When you sign up for the fastest but they install the slowest, kind of pisses ya off, you know?
Anyway, here is what is going to happen. This weekend I will post the rest of the contests. We had two days left, so that will work. I am closing down the comments on all the other contests. Still have those five ereaders to give away, and I still have the Hawaiian bag of goodies to give away. The rest of the posts will be on Saturday and Sunday, with the contest closing down on Tuesday at Midnight. Then, Wednesday morning, I will post all the winners.  Doing it this weekend will give me the next few days to put the posts up and have them scheduled which was the plan to begin with but I got behind with books due in and the moving across the country thing. It looks like we will have about one post an hour those last couple of days. So, make sure to check back in and comment and discuss on each one. There are some great authors including Sylvia Day, Beth Williamson, Kris Cook and Sophie Oak and…well this could go on forever! But the list is great and there are a lot of great prizes.

I am so sorry it has taken so long, and big apologies to the authors involved. I could not post on blogger to save my life. I could not even get the danged dashboard to come up the last few days. But apparently, things are working well again.  I can load tweetdeck with no problem and my blogger seems to be working right again. I might not be around much because I am working on getting these posted and another book at the same time. Oh, and I guess unpacking lol. Yeah, I’ve been pretty bad but I have to get the kids’ computer set up.

Thanks again for everyone understanding and look for the contest to start at midnight on Saturday morning!

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6 Comments on “Update on Contest

  1. glad to see you up & going again…and i am getting better at this patience thang every day…LOL

    I do like the list of authors to come!!! count me in

    a fan
    chele blades

  2. Hi Mel! I don’t know how you do all you already do!! Know we so understand! I can remember a couple weeks ago with the storms here and it was one week I didn’t know what to do when I usually came on at my usual time each night! It will be fun chatting and reading about Sylvia, Beth, Kris and Sophie and more books!

  3. Oy, sorry that you’ve had so much trouble, Mel! And all while moving, too! Glad Blogger’s finally cooperating! And woot! More party to come! 🙂

  4. Glad you got it all figured out. Yeah, slow internet is the pits. Looking forward to the continuation of the contest, altho I work this weekend, I’ll have to enter at night. Thanks for holding it over til Tuesday. Good Luck to everyone!

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