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Year in Review

Hello, everyone! I did it. I finished both sets of edits that I got within 12 hours of each other, on Christmas Eve. Woo hoo. I am waiting for the second set on The Spy Who Loved Her to hit me today or tomorrow. And, just so y’all know, I will be taking care of the winners from last week within 24 hours. My head is sort of back in operating condition. Well, not really, but as close as this crazy woman gets.
Anyway, starting tomorrow and through the 31st, I going to be featuring some of my books from this year. Of course, the 30th will feature my release, Sex On the Beach. I hope you stop by and let me know which ones you liked, which heroes you loved, and what secondary characters you would like to get to know better. Oh, and since it is a great day for me:


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  1. Bwahaha, he is a naughty one, our Evan. I have some plans for the free story I will be giving away in August with the print release. Evan has a very naughty gift for May, lol

  2. Isn’t he to die for? I picked him because Kai, the hero for A Little Harmless Addiction, is into tattoos. I’ve had some heroes with tattoos, but there is just something about Kai…might be the nipple piercing that gets to me, lol.

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