Salute to the Cowboy: Day Two - Melissa Schroeder

Salute to the Cowboy: Day Two

Good morning, everyone! I hope that your first week of November is going well. We continue our salute to cowboys today with a few more hotties and a question. As a reader, what attracts you to cowboys? 
Remember, Delilah gets her own cowboys, all four of the Bartlett men, in Delilah’s Downfall. It is already on preorder!


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3 Comments on “Salute to the Cowboy: Day Two

  1. The last guy needs help watering down I’m sure of it.

    What draws me to cowboys? I think its the thought of a rugged, hard working, hard loving man. He knows how to get the job done and isn’t afraid to get dirty. He expects a strong woman who knows how to get stuff down as well but in their down time he treats her like a princess.

  2. Oh, more lovely pics.

    Ok, how about some words….rough,sexy, ready, strong, loyal, practical, sexy, oh, I said that one already….hehe!!!

    in Germany

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