Salute to Cowboys: Day Three - Melissa Schroeder

Salute to Cowboys: Day Three

ONE MORE DAY, and Delilah’s Downfall will be here! I had a great time with the Bartlett men, and I have two more books planned for Texas Temptations series. You get to meet the next two groups of men in Delilah’s Downfall, woo hoo! One is a family of men with a dude ranch to run, all good old boys. Then, you have Delilah’s three brothers, Mexican Americans, all with hot blood. 
But of course, on to Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys.
What kind of Cowboy do you like? A hard working ranch hand, a bullrider, or possibly the urban type of cowboy? Or does he just have to wear a pair of Wrangler’s, boots and a hat?

The scent of leather and the sting of a whip…

Inspiration for Cam, who appears in both Delilah’s Downfall and Sex on the Beach(Hawaiian Holidays #2). He and his brothers are the heroes in Morgan’s Men, which is a Work in Progress



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