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Callum is finally here!

Yay! Callum is loaded up and I am so excited by it. I am proud of the work, and I hope readers like it. I will warn my erotic romance readers, this is not erotic. I know that I will get reviews, as I do for my historicals, that say they are not erotic. They […]

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A Little Harmless Addiction up for Preorder At NOOK

I know a huge bunch of my readers are Nook readers, so I wanted to get this up as soon as possible. It isn’t coming up under Melissa Schroeder, so be sure to follow the LINK to preorder A Little Harmless Addiction! I am getting so excited and it is still two months away! Oh, […]

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Delialh is now on Barnes and Noble!!!

Hey, everyone! Delilah is now up on Barnes and Noble. Even if you don’t buy from them, a “like” on the page helps a lot! Thanks. And, hopefully, I will be back to full speed tomorrow. I’m still sick and the little one is too. So, I am taking my meds and snuggling down on […]

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