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Possession Music

If you follow the blog, or my crazy ramblings, you know that music is a huge part of my writing. I have a soundtrack for every book I write. Possession is of course no different. There are a always a few songs on every soundtrack the same. But there are usually one or two that […]

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Hawaiian Music-Jake Shimabukuro

I write to a lot of different music, but when I am doing a Harmless book, I tend to have a few more songs from the Hawaiian Islands. When I say that, everyone mentions Brother Iz, who is a favorite, but I also like Jake Shimabukuro. I never thought I would be one for ukele […]

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A Music Break

You all know how musical I am. I have to have some song for a book or I am lost. I have a future Harmless brewing, not contracted, but the title I have in my head is A Little Harmless Secret. The two characters have a passionate affair four years before the book starts and […]

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