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Two More Covers, and a CONTEST

So, we have been busy. Jenn LeBlanc has been working on the pics and Kendra on the covers and we have two more covers for you. Part of this is done early because of an ad I have in RT mag this fall and I want to feature the Harmless books. So, I wanted all […]

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It is odd to be talking about the tenth Harmless book. Seriously. I never knew I would get to the point where I could. So many people discounted the series, ie publishers. Also, you never know where a series will take you. I love the series myself, but how was I to know that people […]

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Submission Print Cover

The first Harmless print by myself! Well, not really by myself. Kendra Egert did the wonderful cover and Chloe Vale did the formatting:) This should be releasing in early May. Addiction is due to release so I will have it ready then. 

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The Cover Flat: Callum

Again, this is Melissa Schroeder is a lucky bitch party 90 bazillion. Is this not a great cover?! I just sent the files into review at Create Space:) Kendra The Goddess Egert is the cover artist of course. 

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I am so excited to reveal the next two Harmless covers. Projected release date for both books is Fall in digital. Kendra Egert was the artist once again and most of the photos were shot by Jenn LeBlanc

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