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Two More Covers, and a CONTEST

So, we have been busy. Jenn LeBlanc has been working on the pics and Kendra on the covers and we have two more covers for you. Part of this is done early because of an ad I have in RT mag this fall and I want to feature the Harmless books. So, I wanted all of them featured.

Here are the next two covers and I have a contest for everyone. I will be giving away a Hawaiian fun pack that includes a bag with Hawaiian print, a key chain, the coveted Infatuation dog tags, a beach towel and some magnets. I will also throw in a Rough n Ready journal. What do you have to do? Just answer the question below the covers by Sunday at noon US central time.  This contest is open to everyone, even international folks. So, answer the question below the covers and good luck!

So, summer is approaching, and I was wondering, if there are any special activities you are looking forward to this year? Are you going to the beach, the mountains, or are you looking forward to some releases by your favorite authors?


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  1. We spend every nice day at my dads laying around the pool. And then one day during the summer we take the grandkids to the water/amusement park. One day is then reserved for just the adults.


  2. Im planning a special vacation for my kids. In July we are going to Florida to Walt Disney World and for their birthdays (since they are both in July) we will be going to see Cirque De Soleil at Downtown Disney. Big surprise for them.

  3. I watch my grandsons so my summer is spent at the park, in our pool, and if I am lucky a weekend away for me. They keep me busy.

  4. All of the above. Hawaii in May/June. AAD in August. Lots of summer releases on my must buy list. I just hope the dates don’t get moved around. Looking forward to some new stuff from Lynsay Sands, Susan Mallery, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jeaniene Frost to name a quick few.

  5. Awesome covers!

    My sister and her family are supposed to come down for holidays for a couple of weeks.I’d like to take the kids to the water park near by.Other than that no big plans.

  6. wheeeeeeeeeeeeee…..I’m going to RT this weekend. My son is coming home from Europe on May 22nd after touring with Holiday On Ice for 9 months. My daughter is graduating from High School on June 3rd. and best of all I’m going to Author’s After Dark in NOLA in August!!!!

  7. This will definitely be a BUSY summer for me! I will definitely be waiting for some new Harmless books! And some sequels of other authors…
    Then me & the hubby will be deciding if we will be living on the East (Philly) or West (Vegas) coast… So there may be a move in the future…
    In between all of that, 20 yr class reunion & a trip to Disney World! So I will be a busy gal…

    latochiadanai at gmail dot com

  8. I have nothing planned by way of travel this summer but there is a large convention coming to town the week of July 4th so I will be busy for ten days then. And at the end of July I am helping an organization celebrate 30 years so that will take a lot of time. Then come August, I hope to just relax and catch up on reading and sleep.

    bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

  9. Ahhh Mel!!!! I love all your new covers and it doesn’t have to do with the fact that a certain photographer took those images 🙂 I’m looking forward to spending some time with my east coast bff in Denver, visiting family in Texas, stalking authors at RWA and spending time at the beach.

  10. Taking a special vacation with my husband to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Special time together and time to read…read….read

  11. No special plans for summer except trying to stay cool, read a lot and focus more on my art. What I’m really hoping to accomplish are a few home improvement projects 🙂


  12. I’m looking forward to sitting by the pool and reading. Hopefully going away for a long weekend in July for my husbands and my birthdays. There are many book releases that I’m looking out for…… Lora Leigh in June comes to my mine first. Maya Banks, Lisa Kleypas. There’s just to many to list. Lol

  13. I’m looking forward to attending the book signing at RWA in my home state this July which also happens to be mine and my mom’s birthday month. So, I get to have fun all month long…LOL. And of course, book releases and maybe I can get in some swimming in the pool.

  14. I am looking forward to meeting Randi Alexander in Belle Fourche SD for the annual Black HIlls Roundup Rodeo. And maybe meeting some friends from Louisiana. Other wise it’s the same ole, same ole, Work.

  15. Wow! Great covers. I am always in awe of your covers…*S* I wish I were able to attend, but this will be a busy summer as we are transplanting back to the northwest. This summer we will be leaving Alaska. We’re putting our home up for sale and returning to Washington state to live.

    Thanks Melissa always eager for the next Little Harmless love fest 🙂


  16. I am looking forward to meeting some of my favorite authors and friends in Chicago this weekend. Then in May the Righteous Perverts are getting together for FigFest in Dallas. The rest of the summer will be spent curled up with some of my favorite books.

  17. Well, I hope to be working this summer at a paid job. If not, then I will be spending the days of summer with my kids, going to the Fla Keys, Everglades Nat’l Park, Biscayne park, movies, bowling, library, library and of course, the library. Dad works nights so I have to get them out of the house and active!
    I am so proud that my 13 y/o son and 10 y/o daughter both like to read, in addition to all their other activities.
    There are so many releases I’m looking forward to reading this summer, I don’t even know where to start.

  18. Hopefully takin a vacation soon and spending time with family
    Great cover whoo, hot,

  19. Not sure we’re planning to travel this summer–the kids will be doing a few weeks of camp locally, and then we’re maybe doing swim lessons 🙂 Not drowning seems like a good goal!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  20. I will probably be doing yard work. We will go to a couple of concerts in the park and sometime in August we will go away for a weekend get-away for our anniversary. It’s his year to pick so I’ve no idea if it will be beach, mountains, or desert.

    1_trouble AT msn DOT com

  21. Hoping the kids will let us stay home and relax this summer!! LOL
    Would love to stay home and just read. Of course we might visit family out of town but nothing too extreme.

    Gorgeous covers!
    djsfoxylady @ gmail. com

  22. In May, I’m going to my daughter’s college graduation. Then in August, I”m going to Chicago to spend time with my youngest daughter so she can show me all the sights.

    I already live in Florida so I get way too much sun and sand already. Although, I really do miss living in Hawaii. Florida is just not the same.

  23. We were going to do a driving vacay this year but, with gas prices soaring, not likely. So, what we’ll do instead is day trips. Zoo, aquarium, Franklin institute, museum, beach. Starting in August, we fill our weekends with the Renaissance Faire. And for me, there are a ton of books coming out that I hope to be able to sit and read.

  24. Every year as soon as the kids get out of school we head to the Frio River for a week, home, then to Alabama and Georgia for a week, home – Hubby starts harvest and I take the kids to see Grandpa in Arkansas for a week.

    The first two trips afford me LOTS of reading time on the road so I load up the kindle and pack the book bag.

    My dad’s place is secluded way back in the woods so I get a week of free time and peace to read then too!

    I would love and am hoping to put a couple of your newest books on my kindle for these trips! And, I love reading and reviewing your ARCS.


  25. We’re going to Colorado for a week with my husband’s entire family (6 siblings plus their kids!) Hopefully I’ll be able to fit a trip to the beach in somewhere as well!

  26. Most summers I look forward to a big Sci-fi convention called Convergence and our local Renaissance festival.

    wyldheart 1969 @ yahoo dot com

  27. I just get in as much reading as I can! Maybe spend some time at the pool…

    greenshamrock AT cox DOT net

  28. I’m so ready for Summer!! I can’t wait to go swimming and hiking up at Fall Creek Falls. Most of all I can’t wait to attend AAD Nola, hang out with some great friend and make new ones!!


  29. I’m looking forward to our annual trip to the family cottage. It’s a nine hour drive, but worth it. As the kids get older (now 5 and 8), they enjoy it more and more – fishing, swimming, digging in the sand, canoeing, kayaking, etc. I love seeing them play where I played as a kid. Makes my heart happy.

  30. Love the covers… Supposed to be heading to Chicago to see my first (and second) Cubs game at Wrigley!!! Grandad and my mom was/is a huge fan and raised me to be one. I’m going even though neither of them have made the pilgrimage yet…. 🙂

  31. I am definitely looking forward to going to the beach with a nice book. And Fridays! During the summer we don’t get lunch at work and work a longer day, but they make it up by giving us fridays off. I can’t WAIT!!

    susanmik AT gmail DOT com

  32. Hoping to take a nice weekend trip with the family in June to see the Titania exhibits in Houston and hit the beach in Galveston. So may new books to read between now and end of year can’t wait. So looking forward to all the new Harmless books coming this summer.

  33. It’s Australia and summer has just finished – gosh it was a pretty dismal one too – no sun… dreary, wet and cold – what’s up with that!!

    So for me.. I’m looking forward to when Summer next appears… filled with fun, heat, Harmless Hotties, more fun, more heat, and even more Harmless Hotties… I know Melissa will deliver on the Harmless Hotties… but gosh I hope the weather guy is just as generous!!

    take care – have a fabulous Summer in the North


  34. There are several things I am looking forward to for the summer, going on vacation, sitting back and watching people walk by while enjoying an iced mocha, going for walks on warm summer nights, getting together with friends and sitting out in the backyard, and reading hot books.

    Love the covers and can’t wait to read them.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  35. My son spend his summers in Europe with his Grandparents. I am looking forward to reading more, not that I don’t read a lot now… lol… my nose is in a book all the time. One thing in particular I am looking forward to is to go on the all-girls weekend trip and meet the wonderful friends I met on one of my fave authors website.

  36. I’m moving to Hawaii next week~for keeps. So, I’m going to learn to paddle board. And, I plan on doing a lot of hiking and walking. Plus, as far as books go, I do want to read JK Rowlings adult book.

  37. BF & I have been talking about going to Hawaii for the summer. Hopefully that will happen. And I have a HS reunion with friends from Japan coming up in August. Last year it was in Las Vegas this time the reunion is in New Orleans.

    asiancocoa94 at aol dot com

  38. I have no special plans for the Summer. I have a week of in June with one day going to a Pearl Jam concert and I have 3 weeks of in September. Hoping for sunshine, so I can enjoy e-books on the balcony.
    There will be some daytrips, but they aren’t planned yet.


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