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Print cover for Infatuation!

Isn’t it pretty???? I love it and once again Kendra did a fantastic job. This is a shorty and will be probably only sold on Amazon in print. Mainly because putting it in distribution means I have to charge over 6 bucks and for a book that is only 126 pages that seems silly. If […]

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A special Infatuation price for EVERYONE!

So, I wanted to do some promos and see what happened. The free book thing for ALH Submission and Callum was a great success. I am very irritated though because I cannot offer free books to Nook, KOBO, etc readers. So, to do something across the board, I have decided to lower the price of […]

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My First Nomination for a Selfpub

Yesterday I found out that Infatuation was up for Best Erotic Contemp of the year at TRR. If you feel so inclined, please go vote for it, or your favorite book that is there. I am super excited because this is the first nomination for one of my selfpub books for a yearly award. It […]

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Callum in Print and Infatuation news

AMAZON CREATESPACECallum is now in print! It was such an easy process that I will probably do it like this more like this. I am not able to put the Harmless books in print because Addiction will not be out until May. It will take a few weeks to hit the other outlets. Another thing […]

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Surrender: A Little Harmless Military Romance

So, Ms Kendra has been busy. The Addicts got a peek at this earlier this week. This is Mal’s cover. Now, if Possession is just as successful as Infatuation, I will start expanding these from novellas to full books. I will start with Mal’s book. I love the look of the cover since it goes […]

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