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Callum in Print and Infatuation news

Callum is now in print! It was such an easy process that I will probably do it like this more like this. I am not able to put the Harmless books in print because Addiction will not be out until May. It will take a few weeks to hit the other outlets.

Another thing is that Callum is in KDP select. That means it isn’t available anywhere else. As I did last month, I am testing out the program, but with a different genre and a newer book. I also want to see how this works in a genre I am not known for.  I know that people with other devices will not be able to read it on them. I apologize for that, but I want to see what this brings me in sales. As a new self-publisher, I need to see what different kinds of promos will get me in the way of sales. Publishers rarely share this info with their authors, at least not with me.

I am not going to do this with all my books. Not unless Paypal makes me do it. But, I do have some other plans for upcoming books, including bundles. I have to get a few more books out before I can start doing that.

In Infatuation news, I have decided to put this in print. Now, it is a novella so I will be adding something to it to make it long enough, but that means Possession will be longer. So a win/win! I am going to be working on it over the next couple of weeks.


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