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The Soundtrack of Wild Love

If you have spent time on my website, you know that I now share all of my soundtracks for my books. I’ve always used music while I write. It first started because we lived in a very small house in Hawaii while my hubby was stationed in Hawaii. That was before it was so easy […]

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There’s a new Harmless on preorder!

Hey, there! A few weeks ago, I asked my HARMLESS ADDICTS which book they were more interested in reading. A LITTLE HARMLESS TABOO won in a landslide, and so that is the next book coming out. Because I am working on getting my books back into wide distribution, it will not come out until September, […]

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Six things I LURV about Wicked Temptations

Tamilya and Marcus will be here tomorrow (although Amazon let them out a little early). Make sure you add the book to Goodreads. Marcus is my homage to one of my favorite actors (he plays James Bond in my head) Idris Elba. There is an incident at Blaisdell Arena which I have been to. I […]

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