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Six things I LURV about Wicked Temptations

April 4, 2019

Tamilya and Marcus will be here tomorrow (although Amazon let them out a little early). Make sure you add the book to Goodreads.


  1. Marcus is my homage to one of my favorite actors (he plays James Bond in my head) Idris Elba.
  2. There is an incident at Blaisdell Arena which I have been to. I attended a Pet Expo when we lived there.
  3. Tamilya is named after one of my best friends from high school and college (we graduated together from both schools).
  4. The main love song was by a new to me singer Jason Isbell’s Cover Me Up (check out the video below) and you can check out the entire soundtrack!
  5. We have a new TFH team member (he actually gets hired during the book) who is a former Navy SEAL Seth “Harry” Harrington who dated Tamilya after her split with Marcus the first time around.
  6. While they gave me some issues, they turned out to be one of my favorite couples in TFH, which says a lot because I truly love all the couples in this series.

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