The Soundtrack of Wild Love - Melissa Schroeder

The Soundtrack of Wild Love

May 24, 2021

If you have spent time on my website, you know that I now share all of my soundtracks for my books. I’ve always used music while I write. It first started because we lived in a very small house in Hawaii while my hubby was stationed in Hawaii. That was before it was so easy to set up a playlist, so I would make my own CD playlists.

For WILD LOVE, I really had a wide selection of music. But there are a few songs that stand out and inspired my writing.

Hotel Key-Old Dominion – This actually inspired Chapter 8.

Love on the Weekend-John Mayer – Pretty much sums up their relationship at the beginning

Just a Girl-No Doubt – Actually plays in a scene during the book.

Faster – Matt Nathanson, Fallin’ All in You – Shawn Mendes, and Beautiful Trauma– Pink were the three songs I played most when Quinn and Everly were together.

H.O.L.Y Florida Georgia Line – This sums up the way Quinn sees Everly

You can check out the rest of the playlist here:

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